What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve?

I positively LOVE these guys! Remember her from “Elf?” And remember him from “Angels in the Outfield,” “Inception,” and “Batman?” These two are adorable so I thought I’d let them sing my next post.

So…what are YOU doing New Year’s Eve?


4 Replies to “What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve?”

  1. They are precious…and they can really sing!! Don’t ya just love his dimples? LOL

    What am I doing? Recovering from intestinal flu and waiting for another 4 inches of snow. BORING!!! 🙁

  2. Oh, I’m so, so sorry! If I were anywhere near where you are I would whip over and bring you some doTERRA DigestZen and OnGuard and YOU my dear, would be feeling better in no time at all. Fabulous stuff. But on the bright side- snow is lovely and can be very entertaining to watch if you aren’t going anywhere anyway…right?
    Get well soon friend.

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