Tracy and Rob

Baby Kate

I’d have to admit, after we found out I was pregnant I was very happy and scared at the same time. I was so happy to see that the baby was growing so well, and was so healthy, but I was also a little scared to think she actually had to come out of me. (I mean… she kept getting bigger and bigger!!)  I was so happy to be introduced to HypnoBirthing. It was not until I came to your classes that I knew everything was going to be okay, and that my body could do all the work itself. I mean, after all, our bodies were created for this kind of thing. I learned how to relax and breathe. Rob and I looked forward to coming to every one of your classes. We practiced at home, and I read the book. The c.d. of your voice was phenomenal, I could always put the baby to sleep with it.

My due date was July 10th 2005 and I felt that she would come that day. I hadn’t been sick during my pregnancy, and everything seemed to be going very well.  I was going to a doctor at that time for check-ups, but never saw him. I changed doctors, and decided I’d take my birthplan to a place where I could find midwives or doctors that agreed with how I wanted my birthplan to go. I was transferred to the women’s center in American Fork, and I went from doctor to doctor trying to find the best one for me. Doctor after doctor told me what “they HAD to do.”  I was getting a little frustrated and decided I’d better switch to the midwives to see what they thought. She seemed to be okay with most of the HypnoBirthing stuff, but she did disagree with some of it, and told me that I did need to clamp the cord at a certain time. (which time I did not agree with according to the hypnobithing that I was taught)  But she was the one that had most of the “okays” with the hypnobirthing, so I really tried to go into labor the days she was working.  Day after day passed, and I wanted Kate to come so bad.  My due date came and went. The midwife  had scheduled me an induction date and  told me that at that time, no matter what,  (even if the placenta was healthy-is what I don’t understand) That THEY WERE GOING TO INDUCE ME!  I did not want that. Just the sound of that word freaks me out. Well, my due date came and went, and I was going to go crazy.  It had been 10 days. That’s when I came to you and had you help me talk to the baby to have her turn the right way. (she was posterior) The next day I went in to get my membranes stripped (which I didn’t want that either, and they told me I had to) at 1:00 pm. 6:00pm came by and I began to have my first surges. She had turned back to be posterior again and she was hitting my tailbone. I’d have to a that it wasn’t very comfortable, and I kept trying to breathe and relax. My sister Emily was over, and insisted that I go to the hospital. Rob packed our bags, and we left. When we arrived, they had me sit up on a table, and they strapped a belt like monitor onto the lower part of my belly. They said it would record for 10 minutes. They put it on and left the room. The room was starting to get hot and they said they had no air conditioning. WHAT THE HECK!!! WHAT HOSPITAL DOESN’T HAVE AIR!! THERE’S PREGNANT PEOPLE  HAVING BABIES IN HERE FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!! Anyway.. I started to get so sick because of the hot air, and the tight belt, that I started throwing up. Oh, it was so embarrassing. Right there in front of Rob! 1/2 an hour later they came in and I asked to take the monitor off.  They said it accidentally hadn’t recorded. They insisted it stay on to try again. I asked to lay in the tub, and did so. When I got out, there was no way in heck I’d strap that thing back on. Rob insisted we go home. They said he shouldn’t, but he didn’t care (BEING THE COOL GUY THAT HE IS) and he took me home.

My surges got stronger the longer we were there, and about 1-2 hours later we were back at the hospital. They tried to stick me in the same unconditioned room, but Rob asked for a different one with AIR and they put me in the EMPTY ROOM NEXT DOOR!

Claudia was there, and she was so great. I wish I had her deliver my baby.  She was there with us until midnight, and she had to go because her shift was over.  She was really good at helping me relax too. Roberta came in after her and began to help me. She was more aggressive, and I could tell she just wanted me to have the baby. WHO DIDN’T!! Anyway, I was in labor for a long time, and Roberta was giving me the time of my life. She was saying, “PUSH…PUSH!”  She and the other nurse held my legs up to the point where they were going to rip off my body, and they wanted me to push. I was uncomfortable and trying to relax. All I could hear was them telling me what to do. I even heard Roberta say at one time, “Rob, you need her to tell her to push for us. She can’t hear us, she can only hear you.” I don’t know where she got that from.  I heard everything that was going on. I was trying to focus on Rob though, because we had practiced how we had wanted this to go for 6 months. I wish she had just been quiet, and left me alone!  I think I was in labor longer because I couldn’t get the baby to turn because I couldn’t talk to her.  I was all stressed out!  At one point Roberta  said  I was having a panic attack.   I thought I was just trying to breathe every time she told me to.  Anyway,  I was getting dehydrated, and they had to put an IV in me. I had thrown up all my liquids I had worked so hard to drink.(so I would not have to have an IV) The baby kept getting closer and closer, but I was dilating very slowly. She was still posterior, and I needed to have her turn before the birth. I kept trying to talk to her. Roberta told me to try to lay on my side. I did so, and I about wanted to die. It was very uncomfortable. After that she kept insisting I do only that in order to turn the baby. Hours later she told me I HAD TO LAY ON MT SIDE OR SHE WAS GOING TO GIVE ME PiTOSIN, AND HAVE A DOCTOR COME IN.  I was so mad. What a pain! I would have had that baby if she was there or not. If I was the baby I’d want to stay in there too. Not being able to talk because of lack of energy, I turned to my side. The baby soon turned and was born. She was the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen at 7 pounds 11 oz, and 18 inches. She had black, straight hair that stood out (like a chimpanzee) at 2 1/2 inches high. She was definitely worth the work. I’d have to admit.. labor was only hard because of Roberta. She wouldn’t quit. I would have rather had my baby at home. We are planning to go to a birthing center in Salt Lake that is very strong for HypnoBirthing for our next labor. We hear they leave you alone.

As for the actual  birth, it was beautiful, painless, and one of the most wonderful experiences of my life.

Thank you for all you taught us, we will use it again in our later experiences.

Tracy and Rob … oh… and Kate.  She still loves the sound of your voice.

Baby Ava

Some of you have been waiting to hear when our baby is coming.. well, she came! 10 DAYS LATE, and cooked just right!

September 29th, Monday morning, we left to the hospital about 7am and the baby was born at 7:34am. She was 8 lbs 7oz, and 19 inches long. She has beautiful large eyes and dark hair about 1/2 an inch long. She has long elegant fingers, and sweet little toes.

She was born posterior (face up, but head first) but because “I’m so brave (hehe)” I still had her naturally. It was a very fast and easy delivery, and we’re so happy to have her here in our family.


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