Melissa and Austin

Tuesday July 22nd my water broke and I went into labor at 2 am.  I first thought I wet myself but every 15-20 minutes when I felt a surge, more water came out.  I called my midwife that I just transfered to and she told me to go to the hospital, since I was 34 weeks 3 days.  I woke my husband and we drove up to the U of U Hospital, since he was coming early I wanted to be at the best place.

We arrived at 6:30 am and my midwife had sent all my info to the hospital, so they knew I was coming.  When I checked in I was 4 cm dialated and by the time they got me set up in a room I was 7 cm dialated, at about 7:30 am.  The nurses told my husband that our son would be born later in the afternoon. I breathed through the surges but I was unprepared when they hit me harder.  The pressure I was feeling was my son in the birth path but I didn’t even realize it.  At 8:05 am I told the midwife at the hospital I had to push, she looked at me funny, then checked me.  She yelled out baby crowning and everybody was running, they were totally unprepared.

Michael Lucas Danner was born at 8:09 am, healthy and crying.  He was 5 lbs 10 oz 19 inches long and very healthy, besides being a little early.  The nurses stated that my birth was the fastest birth they had seen.  They didn’t realize or were prepared for him.  Michael is still in the hospital in the NBICU because his lungs were not fully developed and was trying too hard to breathe.  He’s breathing on his own now and we are just waiting for him to eat better.  I remained calm and in control for the entire stay at the hospital, despite all the extra stressers.  The NBICU doctor told me that I was the calmest parent that she has seen, especially with all the extra work that was getting done to my son.  I had to be calm, my husband was a basket case.

I had been listening to the affirmation cd since I got it and didn’t think much of it.  I had my baby shower on Saturday and I just felt really relaxed and calm.  I had friends comment on how quiet and relaxed I was.  I didn’t think much of it until after his birth.  One of the affirmations said something like “I will be relaxed the closer I get to my baby’s birthing day,” well I was. I didn’t even think about him coming so soon.

I didn’t get to have the Birth Center birth that I wanted but I do have a very healthy little guy, and pretty darn big for 5 1/2 weeks early.


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