MaryAnn and Jeremiah

I just wanted to let you know that our little Hailey is here! She was born on June 27th at 10:45 am. She weighed 7lbs 12oz and was 19 inches long!

Our HypnoBirthing experience could’ve been better 🙂 next time we will be practicing a lot more. I did the rainbow relaxation quite a bit and listened to the affirmations quite often. Jeremiah didn’t practice with me as much as I wanted him to, I guess you could say we let life take control and didn’t put in the practice that was necessary. That being said, I would have to say that what I learned from HypnoBirthing did indeed help me with labor.

My surges started at about 3 AM and I tried to start relaxing and did a bit but couldn’t ever really get into it. While I was waiting around I did plenty of the opening visualizations…the blooming flower and opening all the doors and drawers and stuff in my house. Over and over.

When the surges were coming every 4 min we decided that it was time to head to the hospital. We got checked at about 6:45 and I was a 3. So they decided to see what would happen in an hour. While we were waiting I tried to relax and go deep within and it seemed to work until the surges came stronger, then I would lose my concentration. Breathing helped at the beginning, but as things progressed I kind of lost my focus.

When they checked me next I was a 5 and the next time I was an 8+ all within a couple of hours. I was in the hospital about 4 hours exactly when our baby was born. I totally attribute that to the opening visualizations I was doing the whole time I was there. My doctor asked if I wanted my water broken but I declined knowing that my body would do it when the time was right. Which happened to be soon after he offered anyway.  I did end up pushing at the end because I just wanted her out since I was never relaxed enough to let my body do it on its own.  Hailey was born shortly after that, it only took a few surges.

Though our HypnoBirthing experience wasn’t ideal, because things were so intense and fast, I am so glad that I tried it this way. I know it really helped with the way things went. Next time we will be practicing a whole lot more. What I loved about doing it this was is the fact that I felt so much better than I did with an epidural and my recovery has been so much faster too. And the best thing was that our baby came out perfect and healthy and very pink!

We also had a VERY good nurse who was willing to help us with this method and who was very good at it too. She helped me relax so much during the last little bit!

Thanks Launi for what you taught me 🙂

MaryAnn and Jeremiah

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