Laura and Wade

Grace was born 9-12 – on her due date!!!  She weighed 8 lb 2 oz and was 20” long.  I had her at Timpanogous hospital.  Claudia delivered her.

She was born at 1:11am.  Here is what I wrote in her baby book:

It finally happened!  I had our sweet baby Grace September 12, 2008!  She was born at 1:11am.  Grace weighed 8 lb 2 oz and was 20” long.  I did it all naturally- not even a tylenol!  Here is how it happened… September 11th in the am I had my membranes stripped.  All day long I felt crampy but that wasn’t unusual as I have been having contractions & cramps for 3 weeks!  Around 6:30pm I began to feel extra contractions that had more of a pressure type sensation.  We decided at 8pm to go to the hospital.  It is around the corner from our house afterall!

I was monitored for 1 1/2 hours before they decided to admit me.  I was dilated to 4 1/2 earlier at my appointment.  I only changed to a 5 BUT it was “progression” so I stayed!  From about 10pm- 12pm I labored and only changed to a 7.  It felt so slow to me!  It felt great to sit on the birthing ball.  Around 12:30am I got up to use the bathroom before heading off to the jacuzzi tub and OH MY!  I began to contract back to back.  I held Wade’s shoulders as I stood up.  I couldn’t walk during these intense surges.  I made it to the tub and felt relief for about 4-5 minutes.  Then the surges came back strong.  I really felt her desending down- lots of pressure.  Claudia (my midwife) told me I better get out of the tub to the birthing table.  They wrapped me in a warm blanket as I took a few steps to the bed.  That is when it became VERY intense.  If I were to describe birth in one word it would be INTENSE!

And about that time I could feel her crowning and I could hear Claudia and Wade saying, I see her head… she has dark hair!  Claudia said to push whenever and however I wanted.  I grunted and felt a tremendous relief as I pushed her down.  I remember Claudia telling me to just push half way.  She said, Laura look down… (She had to pull me from my world of intensity)… LOOK DOWN!  As I looked, I saw her sweet crunched up baby face looking right at me!  I reached down and pulled her the rest of the way out.   I felt instant relief as she layed on my stomach.  She only let out a little squawk.  She hardly cried.  As Wade began talking to her, she oriented her head toward the sound of his voice.  She opened her eyes and was so alert and happy!  That was the moment Wade had hoped would happen.  He looked forward to that moment for a long time.  Grace didn’t have the “goop” put in her eyes and her eyes were very clear.  She didn’t have to struggle to see him!

It was truly a beautiful experience for all of us.  I held my sweet baby Grace on my tummy immediately following the birth.  I kept saying, “I did it, I did it!”  I felt so empowered as a woman!

Wade stayed with me until 3:30am.  Claudia collected the cord blood and it was picked up about 6am.  I slept for just 2-3 hours and awoke eagerly waiting for the girls to meet their new sister.

Grandma Julie had stayed the night.  She drove Wade & the girls to the hospital around 8am.  She took photos as the girls oooed & ahhhhed over little Grace.

Laura and Wade

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