Kyle and Rebecca


Our baby Hannah Adele Laws was born on September 19th. The birth went wonderfully. I was a week late and the labor took a long time, but everything went well. I started having surges 5 minutes apart on Tues. 18th at 5 am, they were consistent all day and kept getting
stronger, so we decided to spend the night at my grandparents in South Jordan since we live 1/2 an hour from the hospital.

Finally at 2 am they started coming every three minutes and they were strong enough I couldn’t just sleep through all of it – I stayed relaxed, but I couldn’t sleep soundly. My husband decided we should go to the hospital at 5:30 after having surges 3 min apart for 3 hours. We got to the hospital at 6 and I was still only a 2, but we decided I should stay since my surges were so consistent and had been for so long.

My nurse was absolutely wonderful and wanted to help in any way she could so I could have a natural birth. I was able to use the birthing ball, listen to music, use the nice tub they had. I finally had her at 6 pm that night. I did it all naturally like I wanted and it was wonderful. My doctor is amazing and was willing to do things the way I wanted. Our baby came out so alert with wide eyes and has been ever since. I was able to get up and walk right after and felt great ever since.

We love having our baby here, she is such a good baby. I am so glad I took your class and was able to use the hypnobirthing method. Thank you so much for being such a great teacher and preparing us.

The first picture is about an hour after she’s born, the second is when she is 4 days old.

Thanks again Launi, you are wonderful.

Rebecca and Kyle

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