Kayla and Kenny

Hi I have wanted to share my birthing experience, although it has already been 7 months past. I do feel that it is important to share with others the unplanned and unexpected. You may post this to your web page, because I personally think it is the best delivery story ever.

As you may or probably may not remember, I am employed at the hospital in Nephi and was seeing the midwife team at Orem Community, as I didn’t want my co-workers and friends to see me in that state of being.

I presented at the triage unit several weeks prior my due date thinking my water had broken and contracting infrequently I was still dilated to a 2 from my apt 3 days prior; of course they sent me home and we began the waiting game. Until the day that I chose to quit waiting and try to naturally induce my labor, which caught me by surprise.

The midwife I wanted to deliver with was on call part of the night so I decided to call and ask her if I should drive up to the facility and be seen in triage again or not. She told me to just soak in the bath and if the surges were gone I wasn’t in real labor- so I did as she said and soaked in the tub, they didn’t completely stop but eased up and I wasn’t in any pain at all. By the time I finished soaking I was ready for bed since I was scheduled to work the next morning (6 am 12 hr shifts up and down halls all day, lifting patients and running for bed alarms.) So it was off to bed for me.

I woke up the next morning having sporadic surges and began getting ready for work, my husband had told me to call in sick but I never have nor was I ever planning to! I arrived at work and completed the am duties still contracting sporadically, at about noon the OB nurse placed me on the monitor to allow me to have a 30 min rest from my work and to give an orienting nurse a ‘triage.’ At that point the surges were somewhat stronger and closer together but not painful, I kept breathing through them and relaxing my body. I began feeling surges only slightly stronger and much more frequent at 3:15 when I decided to actually time their distance from one another and had realized that at 3:30 I had just made it through a transition. I felt shaky, sweaty and the sudden urge to be checked, so I asked our OB nurse to check me…then the fun began… I was a 7.5 when she checked me at 3:15 and was in a mad rush to contact my husband and get to my midwife at Orem. I was quickly informed that they were not going to allow me to leave the facility dilated that far in active labor, so I showered and had my co-worker clock me out! I was going to have my baby at work! Seriously.

They were rushing my shower and rushing to get me on the monitor and the next 6 hours seemed to go so quickly! I stopped progressing for a few hours and did very well with natural pain management, then at about 9pm my transitions from 8-9-10 went super fast. I was so excited but decided I wanted an epidural when I got to an 8, but I changed so quickly that I was complete and ready to push and just figured that I had made it that far and done so well that I could just birth my baby and be done with it epidural free!

The Dr came in and told me that I could begin pushing, I did so for 90 min and he told me to ‘rest and descend,’ I had heard this phrase too many times so at that point I requested and epidural which was terrible…5 times in different positions it took our anesthesiologist to land my epidural, never had I witnessed that many tries- maybe I was so uncomfortable that my body wasn’t cooperating in the way he needed, but he finally got it and I felt so relieved and was able to ‘rest and descend’- or so I thought. I began pushing again desperate not to have a Cesarean, epidural and everything I got up with the bar and in squatting position (pretty amazing for having numb legs) and I pushed and rested, I tried letting the baby descend and progress himself but nothing was helping. After the 3rd round of 90 min pushing and 60 min of resting and descending between the Dr presented to my room once again. I knew full well what he was going to say and by that point (2:15 am the next morning) after I had bee awake since 4:30 the previous morning I was understanding and prepared for his decision to preform a Cesarean. My pelvis was too narrow to birth my son that was an average weight 7 lb 8 oz.
The section went well and I literally snored through the clean up and suture, I was exhausted when I first saw my son and felt so relieved that he arrived and we were both safe. We survived and Deagan Ronald Rosenlof was born 1/18/10 ten days before his due date! My recovery went very well, I think having a knowledge of post partum care and post section care helped a ton with getting me up and going.

Anyway to make a long story short- I delivered my baby at work and was actually very thankful that I did, had I actually been allowed to travel to Orem I likely would have ended up with a Cesarean and not known the MD preforming it. I was grateful to be surrounded by co-workers looking out for our best interest, that were loving and provided such excellent care.

It is important going into anything in life that you prepare. I knew in the back of my mind that anything could happen with this delivery and prepared my self to the best of my ability, I was so thankful for your instruction with HypnoBirthing and still believe that natural methods in medicine are always a greater alternative than medicine. If it weren’t for my instruction in HypnoBirthing I may not have made it as far in my labor naturally as I would have without intrusion. I am also so grateful for the knowledge that I gained so that I can help patients in the future if they choose a natural form of childbirth and be a support and cheerleader for them.

Hope all is going well for you and wish you the best in things to come!
Thanks so much
Kayla, Kenny and Deagan

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