Christy and Steven

I took your class this summer and you asked that we share our birth stories with you. I found HypnoBirthing to be incredibly helpful especially since my birthing took a few unexpected turns.

The first really helpful thing about HypnoBirthing was that it lead me to the right doctor that I needed. My previous doctor was not very supportive of HypnoBirthing and when I talked to him about my birth preferences, he wasn’t very respectful to me. I decided that I needed a new doctor just weeks before I was due. I changes to the midwives at Timpanogos and one of them discovered that my baby was breech and I was 4 cm dilated. Because I was that far along, she decided to involve one of the doctors. I waited for a long time for one of the doctors to come in, but I was able to stay very clam. One of the birthing affirmations that really helped me and ran through my head over and over again was “I can calmly meet whatever turn my birthing may take.” After talking about our options we decided to try and turn her externally that night. During the process I again was able to stay very calm and relaxed even though it was painful. Another affirmation that gave me a lot of comfort that came to my mind was “Birth does not need to be a medical procedure for most women.” Even though I had wanted a natural birth, I knew that sometimes there were exceptions. The next week we decided that we would do a c-section because she failed to be turned externally. I truly felt it was in the best interest for me and my daughter. I feel that HypnoBirthing helped me to think clearly and make the best decision instead of getting overwhelmed by emotions. The morning of the procedure I listened to my cds and felt very calm about everything. Everything went very well with the birth of our baby girl and I healed extremely well. I also was able to use the least amount of pain medication afterward and I attribute this to learning how to relax and not focus on pain.

HypnoBirthing helped me find a new doctor who was supportive and tried everything he could to accommodate to what I wanted. I know that my previous doctor would have handled the situation completely differently and it would have been a less pleasant experience. I was also able to stay very calm and level headed through all of the turns and decisions we had to make. The midwives remarked on how calm I was throughout everything. Because I was able to think clearly, I feel happy that we did make the best decision for our family. I also feel that my recovery was speedy and I needed less medication because I was in control of my body. We have found out recently as well that she has a slight heart condition and it might have been extra stressful on her had she been born vaginally.

All in all, I am so grateful that I had prepared myself for the wonderful birth of our daughter with HypnoBirthing. I feel that it helped me with all aspects of the birthing process. Thank you for being such a wonderful teacher and helping me to have the best experience possible. We named our baby Nora Jean.


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