Chelsie and Matt


I sent you a baby announcement – I have been thinking about you and keep telling myself I need to contact you to tell you THANK YOU SO MUCH! Our birth was amazing and everything went very well.

I actually ended up letting the doctors break my water 4 days before my due date. I was extremely swollen and my nerve was pinched so bad I could barely walk. Anyway, when they broke my water I was dilated to 4 1/2. I walked around the hospital for about 45 minutes (until I really was uncomfortable walking anymore). I would just stop for each surge and lean against Matt and he would rub my back. After that 45 minutes I was at a 5, so I figured I was progressing and could try to relax in our room a little more. I sat on the birthing ball for a
while, then laied on the bed for a little while – then all of a sudden the surges got really strong and it was harder for me to focus. Matt kept me really calm. We had only been in our room for 1 hour. The nurse came in and I told her the surges were one after the other – no break in between. I started to doubt myself because I thought I was maybe at a 6 by then. That was the only time I felt a little out of control, but the nurse and matt were great in getting me back to a calm focused state. The nurse checked and I was at an 8, 1 minute later at a 9 and 5 minutes later she was born. The doctor barely made it there to catch her.

My doctor was awesome. Dr. Aagard was the one to deliver and he handed her right to me and waited to cut the cord. I don’t think Dr. Lind would have let us do that. Dr. Aagard was very into the hypnobirth and loved watching and delivering for it. I feel very lucky he was the on call doctor that day.

Anyway, it was awesome – i felt great, my recovery was great – she was 8 pounds, and 18.5 inches long. We named her eliza skye and she is such a great baby. Thank you so much for the knowledge of natural calm birth. The hospital was great and I think my doctors are coming
around more to this way of birthing.

I attached a picture of our cute baby. Thanks again!  We had a great experience.


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