Beckham’s Presents

A biscuit 069

Yeah…it’s all about play food this Christmas. One of the elves told me that some good little baby birds are getting a play kitchen. And PLEEZE–what would a kitchen be without food. Come on!

So in an effort to be supportive I found this really cute “Healthy Meals Play Food.” Wheat bread and yogurt. Sooo cute.

A moose 014

Then I discovered “Melissa & Doug” wooden toys. They are fabulous. I’m not regretting the plastic play food (above) but I’m sure these will last positively forever. I am nervous, however, that while the babies are little they will conk each other on the head with the chicken leg or nail someone with a wooden tomato. So we’ll see.

A moose 005

“Melissa & Doug” also make wonderful wooden puzzles.

Amazon is my new love.

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