10 Replies to “Forgive me…”

  1. I LOVED watching these! Brightened up my morning, that did! Though I may have to search around for the “non-G” rated one! 🙂 Hee hee!

  2. I had to comment again – the one you left out is still so cute – and funny!! 🙂 What darling little kids!! Kids do say the darndest things! Reminds me of my little nephew when he was 3. He said, “Dad, how do they make Shampoo?” (Pronounced Shoun-poo by him) “I don’t know Max.” “Well, first they take some shoun, and then they take some poo, and they put it in a bowl, and put a spoon in it, and mix it all together, and you get ‘Shounpoo’!”

  3. Ha ha ha… I love these! “I SAID spinich” “I said SPANISH!!!” Oh man. My favorite!!! I can’t wait to see the funny thing our little people say!

  4. I remember Lyndi telling her dad that he couldn’t have supper because we were having “girl-cheese” sandwiches.

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