14 Replies to “There Are No Words…”

  1. Welcome home Dane–I”m sure you have stories and stories to tell. Your experience will have changed you enough to have a renewed appreciation for home.
    and look how cute Launi’s new haircut is!

  2. Wow! Memories came flooding back to when Stephen and Jared returned home from their missions. You’re right, there are no words to convey the feelings. Welcome back, Dane, Welcome back! We love you Dane–Aunt Sabrina and Uncle Andy.

  3. Yay!! Welcome home Dane, and Jilly too, but mostly Dane! They both look so cute and happy

  4. He looks soooooo good and happy! Everyone looks thrilled 🙂 I’m so happy for your family to all be together 🙂 What a great reunion. I bet the twins are enjoying him and adore him.

  5. Welcome Home Dane! Sorry I did not respond earlier, just been so busy and not on the computer. I love the pictures, you all look SO excited and happy. I am sure that you have all enjoyed your weekend together. Congratulations Launi on having your Dane home safe and sound. Enjoy every moment. 🙂

  6. I stood at the bottom of the escalator and when I saw him I shouted, “RUN!” He just laughed at me and walked down.

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