Lake Front Property

If you’ve been around a while–around this blog, I mean–then you may remember a post about our silly, floody house–that all the kids grew up in. If you need a refresher here’s the very post.

At any rate–I recently found this picture of old Daney-boy doing a heroic dive and slide–on our front lawn–to prove to his posterity that we did indeed survive a couple of pretty terrific floods. What you’re missing is how much of that water was pouring into our basement window at the very same time. After a while we learned to set everything downstairs on 2 x 4’s so when the next down pour came along–it couldn’t mercilessly soak all my stuff—from the ground up.

Well, that is–except my kids.



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  1. After my garage and back of the house flooded last year, I don’t like flooding of any kind. There is way too much work involved in the cleaning up. Glad he looks like he is having so much fun though. It is a good thing to learn, to take a moment and have fun even the midst of trial.

  2. The city actually replaced the basement twice because the ground was grated funny. We got a good sense of what is perishable–that’s for sure.

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