Preoccupied with…

scrabble tiles 016

Kissing this baby…


Missing these little dudes…(they’re home with coughs)

scrabble tiles 015

…putting labels on the storage boxes…

scrabble tiles 054

…and making cheese toast…yum! Hey this would be a great snack for Super Bowl–if you’re into such a thing.

So, I’m just tooo busy to blog. Ha!

2 Replies to “Preoccupied with…”

  1. Where are those babies! I want to see them. 🙂 Let’s just pretend there are no more coughs for them (or me). Ok, ok. I will be patient.

  2. Ohhh. I miss those little babies too!!! I need to squish them and hug them and remind myself how big they’re getting and how awesome they are!!!

    Good job on your storage boxes… they look great!

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