Evil Fudge Balls

Fudge Balls 2

Here’s a sinful little thing that traditionally, we save for Christmas time. But since we have way too many treats and goodies to make in December, I decided to stretch out the bliss. So we’re making these little devils for Valentine’s Day. We should be spreading out the holidays any-who. Don’t you agree?

I never thought I’d share this one–because, well because I’m actually very selfish at heart. Or maybe it’s because I’m certain that when the whole world reads this recipe–there will be an incredible run on the Symphony bar market…and there won’t be enough to go around…for me. Either thing is true.

Ok, ok…I’ll risk it.

This is a pretty darn simple recipe. So get ready for some complete decadence that there is no excuse for. I mean it.

Evil Fudge Balls


2 lbs. Symphony bar chocolate

8 oz. frozen Cool Whip

Vanilla Wafers–crushed


Melt chocolate over a double boiler being careful not to even get one teensy tiny drop of water in the bowl. Cool slightly. Spoon the frozen cool whip into a mixing bowl and pour the chocolate over it. Mix on medium speed until well blended.

It will most likely be way too soft to roll,  but if you have a small scoop like mine–you could still do it.  If not, refrigerate for about 1 hour or until the chocolate is firm enough to spoon and roll into balls.

Drop each fudge ball into a bowl of  crushed Vanilla Wafers and coat thoroughly.

Refrigerate in an air tight container and refrain from telling anyone that you made these. I mean, seriously…they’re worth beating somebody up for. 

And you don’t want that somebody to be you.

Trust me on this.


Watch “Dane’s Wish

Evil Fudge Balls
  • 2 lbs. Symphony bar chocolate
  • 8 oz. frozen Cool Whip
  • Vanilla Wafers–crushed
  1. Melt chocolate over a double boiler being careful not to even get one teensy tiny drop of water in the bowl.
  2. Cool slightly.
  3. Spoon the frozen cool whip into a mixing bowl and pour the chocolate over it.
  4. Mix on medium speed until well blended.
  5. Refrigerate for about 1 hour or until the chocolate is firm enough to spoon and roll into balls.
  6. Drop into crushed Vanilla Wafers and coat thoroughly.
  7. Refrigerate in an air tight container

One Broody Chick

Sooooo…you know how my cute little chickens go in their nesting boxes once a day, and leave  me a perfectly beautiful, light brown egg, then jump out and go their merry way?

Yes, well, that is how it’s suppose to go. But all of a sudden, our sweet little Honey–a lovely Cuckoo Maran–stopped coming out of the nesting box when she was suppose to.  No matter how many times I physically took her out and set her in the yard, or the straw, or the snow (!) she would just end up right back in the box.

This, my friends, is what we call a “broody hen.” For some reason, a hen will see a clutch of eggs, just laying there, minding their own business, and get the idea that she should jump in and hatch them. Now, as sweet as that may sound, there are several things wrong here.

First, we have twelve beautiful hens–HENS, meaning, there isn’t a rooster around for miles. Therefore, Honey can sit there for a week of Tuesdays, but ain’t no babies hatching–if you know what I’m saying.

Second, when a hen is setting on eggs, she doesn’t eat or drink properly for about 21 days–because she is too busy tending to her “babies.” It’s not particularly good for her–especially if there are actually no babies to make the sacrifice for.

Third, Honey was setting on perfectly good, infertile eggs and when I would reach for them, or her–she started getting a bit feisty–pecking and growling at me. Yeah, I didn’t know that chickens could growl, but I’m telling you–they can. Kinda creepy.

And lastly, while she’s having this little pretend mama adventure, she isn’t laying any new eggs. In fact, everyday she’s stubbornly setting on 5 or 6 eggs that aren’t even hers! I take her out, she finds a nest with eggs I haven’t gotten to yet, and claims them. Yes, yes. A bit tiresome, indeed.

What to do…what to do? I checked out all the Chicken Advice blogs and read tons of ideas that didn’t set right with me. Some were silly and some were downright mean. I found the best idea at the Chicken Chick site. Tons of chicky wisdom here.


Introducing the Broody Buster!! Ok, ok….it’s a rabbit hutch–but it’s gonna do the trick!

The idea is that you have to re-route all those displaced mama chicken hormones by putting her in a wire bottom cage by herself for a few days–with no eggs to sit on. Cool air to help her remember that all the eggs in the universe do NOT in fact, belong to her.

My, oh my, oh MY…was she ticked!

Little Honey was fussing and buzzing around in that cage, with a “Whyyyy I outta…” look on her little pouty-beak face.

It only took 3 days of chicky time out and she was CURED!!!


I open the cage door on day 3 and she whipped out of there like a bat out of….well, you know. It was fast.


Our dear Honey has finally gone back to her normal chicken ways.

And she has promised to behave herself from now on.

But I’m leaving the cage in the coop–as a reminder…

just in case.


When It Snows

When the snow really comes down–well, for how much it ever really snows in Utah–

at least when there is enough to blanket the ground and the trees and the bushes…

I love to go out and stand in the quiet and just turn slowly and look at how beautiful it all is.

It’s like a funny, magical, lovely miracle that I am here, in this place at this time of my life. Sometimes I just stand there for a while, allllll alone and let it take my breath away.

But then I remember, the other sweetness is that we’re never, any of us, ever completely alone…

are we?



Beckham asked for a Pokemon Diglett.  How hard could it be?  Why….I won’t even need a pattern.

Of course, right. But it severely complicates things when you wait waaaaay too long to finish it, and end up sewing the rocks and dirt around him in the car, ON THE WAY to the birthday party.

I had planned to do a way better job with this one. In fact, I told Beck that I wanted to make his eyes shiny and put tons more dirt around him but he said, “No, I like him just like that.”

So, the lesson learned here is do it right BEFORE the kid sees it because you won’d have time for redemption afterwards. Hahaha.

But even the baby was taken with it.

I’d love to stick around, but I’m afraid there are more birthdays coming.

Gotta go sew.


Another birthday we have this month is our little month is our sweet little Lily. She asked if I could make the Pokemon character named Skitty for her. There are some really clever people in this world–and I’m not one to reinvent the wheel…so to speak. So, I found the perfect pattern at Sabrina’s Crochet. Thanks Sabrina, for saving me time–and well, just saving me–if you know what I mean.

Yeah, I know. Pokemon are very strange creatures.

But this one wasn’t so bad, in fact it was dang fun…

and not nearly as weird as some of them that I’ve seen.

Thank Heaven no one has asked me to make something, you know… creepy.

But then, I’m not finished yet.