Let’s Take A Vote

Ok, I’m all for stone baked, authentic, back east, New York Style pizza and all that.  I know I’m kinda old and I know that I’m kinda picky with what I choose to use my calories for. I know things aren’t the same as they were when I was a young whipper-snapper.

So, maybe it’s just a personal problem, but let me just ask you…

Is this pizza burned? I think it’s burned. I think it’s REALLY burned. So burned, in fact, that I scurried right back to the pizza joint and said, politely, “Hey, I think my pizza is burned. Like, REALLY burned.”

Why did I say, I THINK my pizza’s burned?! I’ve been alive a long time and I think know burned when I see it. There, I said it again. I THINK. I need to be more decisive…more assertive…more…more…something. Sheesh.

The girl at the window said, “Oh, sorry.  We can make you another one. We thought it was fine.”

Fine? FINE?!! FIIIIIIIINE? What on earth?!! How is this fine?! What are people eating these days that they are calling food? Fine. Burned. Pizza?!

My soul is shuttering.

ANY way….

My new pizza was waay better…

and only slightly burned.

I’m progressing.

My Daily Mantra

Things are reeeeally strange these days. We have been “locked down” for several months now due to the Covid 19 stuff. Some people are struggling with the disruption in their normal lives–while I–on the other hand barely notice the difference. I wasn’t really going anywhere anyway. Haha.

The negativity online was the only thing that was actually distressing me so I came up with this little ditty. Whenever– and I mean WHENEVER I have a not-so-positive thought go through my mind I’ve started trying to retrain myself to stop and prattle off this more helpful thought. It’s become somewhat of a mantra.

Try it.

It helps…really.

Hear Ye, Hear Ye…

Summerfest 2020. Canceled.

Wretched, wretched Covid19.

We can take the “lock down” and the “stay home” and the “wear a mask.”

We can take the six-feet apart and the no bath tissue and the closed everything.

But cancel Summerfest?!!! THAT’s going TOO FAR.

In order to console myself and others–I’ll link to the other Summerfest posts–of which there are many–so that we can dream of happy days gone by…

Summerfest 2018

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Our Very Favorite Day

Summerfest 2009!

and hopefully brighter days ahead.

Night Moon–A Special Pokemon

A few years ago, a friend asked if I would make her daughter a “special” Pokemon character– a bit like Umbreon.

Only she wanted one that she designed herself.  Sent me the picture of what she wanted and everything.


The original “Umbreon” looks like this– yellow circles and stripes.

But the one sheeeee wanted would have white stripes and circles, white feet and have a mane–

like Eevee.

With her picture and a very nice basic pattern from Wolfdreamer…

I jumped in.

It actually took a few weeks, working at night.

I could see it in my head, which is a huge plus when you’re doing something like this.

But it usually means you’ll be pulling out a ton of your work–until it looks…positively perfect.  I took the ears out a couple of times. Did the head twice. And that mane. Phew.

By the time I was finished, it felt like one of my own kids. The hardest part was putting it in a box and shipping it off to it’s new home.

Have a happy life Night Moon!


I found the cutest pattern for a sweet little Yoshi.

It took a few evenings to work up and get him to look the way that I wanted him to–still not sure about the eyes, but we’ll see. It’ll do for now.

It is easily worked in simple pieces so I’m thinking I may need a few more in all different colors.

This might be a bit addictive.



Find this sweet pattern right HERE.