Mary Jane Skimmers

I found the most adorable pattern the other day–for a style of “Mary Jane” booties, called “Skimmers.” As with any small pattern you have to be really careful to follow the directions exactly but look how cute they turn out!

These are for baby Keni, but I’m starting a pink pair for Lily tomorrow. They are just too fun not to make a million of them.

If you are interested, you can find the pattern at Sylver Designs.

Tell my what you think…


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12 thoughts on “Mary Jane Skimmers

  1. I love them! If I can get my act together,or my house for that matter, I might have to make an orange pair for Piper. John really wants less pink and purple around! 🙂


  2. ***:)*** Thanks Mom!!! These are sooo great!!! I’ll have to put her in something with out feet sooo she wear these and then we can show everyone what they look like on her!


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