Easter Bunny Wrappers

Aren’t these Easter Bunny Wrappers adorable?

We found them at our good friend’s place— Katrina’s Kreations and the good news is…they’re FREE!

All you need is some white or colored paper or card stock and some candy bars—and you can make them for your own Easter basket.

Once you’ve printed and cut them out, all you have to do is wrap them around a candy bar and tape them in place. You’ll see that Katrina has even added tiny bows to hers.

What a simple way to let your baby bunnies know how much you care this Easter.

So hop to it!

#3 Food storage prompt for this week is:


3 cans of Mushroom soup and 2.5 lbs of peanut butter

9 Replies to “Easter Bunny Wrappers”

  1. That is way cute! I even have a recipe for homemade cream of mushroom soup. I know, I know food storage geek!

  2. Ohhh… I LOVE Katrina’s site!!! This is sooo cute and easy!!! Thanks for another great idea!!!

  3. My Gran used to use onion skins instead of the silk ties. Wonderful effect when they are roughly stuffed around the egg. Wrap up the same.

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