New Shoes


Just accidentally pushed the “weight loss” button on the NordicTrack. YIKES.


I lasted 10 whole minutes.

A little clapping please…a fluffy person has got to start somewhere.

Now I need a shower…

and a nap.

Fairy Friends

I’m well aware that it is February, but looky what Santa brought me! It’s the next little pixie in the Flower Fairy series. I have a current set now and this Miss Tiger Lily Fairy is just perfect to complete my collection.

And her new friends are all waiting to be hung back up on my canopy where they can flit and twirl to their hearts content…along with the wind chimes and spinners. This little fellow is the Holly Fairy. I believe he’s just been kissed…see below.

But in the meantime, I’ll show them to you up close–because they’re so darn pretty. This is Miss Bluebell Fairy.

The Pansy Fairy–that we couldn’t find for positively years. But thanks to clever Lyndi–we have her now. Heh, heh.

Shy little Lily Fairy is one of my favorites.

The Poinsettia Fairy was actually the first in the set. I love her cute little hands.

Marigold Fairy is my second of her–because the real wood sprites that live here sort of broke the wings off the first one.

Rose Fairy is next with her gold tipped wings.

And lastly, the Mistletoe Fairy, blowing a kiss to the Holly Fairy–way up there at the top.

Nine so far in the set. I have no idea how long Hallmark will go with the collection, but I’ll be here as long as they will. After all…

I do believe in fairies.

Strawberry Rocks

Isn’t this just the cutest little bowl of strawberries you’ve ever seen? Of course, these ones aren’t one bit edible, but that’s ok. In fact, that’s the point.

Remember all my posts last summer about the Robins eating every single strawberry in my garden? Well, you should. I whined about it here and here and here

and here.

So my clever little niece read about this fun idea to make those naughty birdies mind their own birdie business. Apparently, you drop a few rocks around the berry patch–rocks that look an awful lot like the real things, especially to a bird. As the story goes, the birds peck at the rocks and get all confused and frustrated with the counterfeits—here’s the good part—

by the time the real berries ripen up, the birds don’t trust them…

so they fly away and eat some other lady’s strawberries.

She made a bus load of these pretty little fake berries so we can give it a try.

All I have to say about that is…

Yee haw!!

I can hardly wait to see how they work. We may just have some Strawberry Shortcake this year after all.

Just imagine.

Note: If you’d like to have some of Tracy’s Strawberry Rocks for your garden–she’s selling them for $8 a bag–each bag has 5 or 6 hand painted berries inside. All proceeds go toward her literacy service trip to Kenya. Paypal her at

Scriptures By Chompy

My daughter Lyndi usually reads scriptures out loud in the morning, while Miss Chompy is having her breakfast. For some reason, this particular morning our gal was really listening. Here’s what we got~

“Lift up your head…

and be of good cheer.”

(That’s her super-duper ‘being of good cheer” face.)

“I did it mom!”

One. Dang. Cute. Kid.