Holiday Aprons

Around here–if it’s going to be rainy and cold outside there aren’t really a ton of choices. You either cook…

A Apron 004

or sew. Looking at my pretty little fabric stash–sewing won, hands down.

A Apron 006

I did a bit of exploring online and found some really pretty apron patterns–for free. And since it is the season for playing around in the kitchen it seemed like the perfect thing–Thanksgiving aprons. Ahhhh….

A Apron 015

I chose the “Child’s Apron” pattern from Skip To My Lou first thing. It was just simple and girly enough to suit the mood.

A Apron 026

Seriously, it took about an hour and a half from rummaging through the fabric to actual Apron.

A Apron 024

The trick–for me, any way–is to keep an iron set up and handy as I sew. It comes together much more quickly and there are fewer hitches.

A Apron 008

Now, to find a pretty little lady who wants to help me in the kitchen.

I have a surprise for them…

Spooooky Skirts

Aaa 077

These Autumn days…

A rain 010

¬†that can’t seem to make up their minds–

A rain 106

cold? warm? rainy? dry? hot? cool? slippers? sandals? and on and on.

A 259

The cool and cold of these days sends me to my fabric stash or to the fabric shop—which is so much more dangerous–to find something lovely to play with.

AAAA 003

The holiday fabrics are always a temptation because I have these sweet dolly babies that are so fun to dress-up. And so I flew downstairs to my “sewing chamber” to contemplate the seasons and…

Aaa 004

came back up with thousands of Halloween skirts for the little ladies.

Aaa 062

I found the free Lazy Days skirt pattern over at Oliver + S to be positively perfect–quick and easy. My kind of project.

Aaa 067

Of course, it never actually occurred to me to ask the Mamas if they even wanted a thousand girlie Halloween skirts. Wasn’t willing to risk them saying, “no.”

Aaa 002

So I will ask you, my friends–

How do you think it will go over when Lily-foo and Baby Chompy…

Aaa 077

wears pirate skirts….to church?



Week #32 Food Storage Prompt: 1 can of tuna, 4 cans Tomato soup

The “Sunday Bib”

Bibs 093

A common complaint from moms all over the place is that at dinner time, their babies are nice and covered with bibs all except for their arms. No problem, unless they are wearing long sleeves. Now they still need to change because they have apple sauce on their elbows. To these moms–I say…Meet the “Sunday Bib.

Bibs 136

It’s nearly a smock but without so much back—and again, it’s made from a disguarded T-shirt and a cute new washcloth. Sorry, couldn’t help the Halloween colors. It must have been the moon…

Bibs 068

We cut the bottom of the shirt off about 2 inches below the sleeves.¬† Then, just put the washcloth where you want it and pin it in place–to just one side of the shirt.

Bibs 071

Be sure to keep the back side fabric out of the way–and sew the washcloth onto the shirt a few inches below the neck ribbing.

Bibs 073

You may want to take in a bit of the sleeve if the shirt is really huge. Just trim off the excess.

Bibs 075

Slit up the back side of the shirt. You can fold in and sew all the raw edges if you’d like to, but that’s the beauty of using T-shirt fabric–it doesn’t fray, so you don’t HAVE to unless you want to.

Bibs 079

Sew a tie of ribbon or soft string at the neck top, on each side. I used the shiny cord from old gift bags. It’s the perfect length and it comes in every color of the rainbow. Hey, you were throwing it out anyway!

Bibs 122

And there you have it my darlings. It’s quick and simple and every mom that sees it says, “Ohhhh, yeaaaah. That’s what we need!”

Bibs 090


Like magic.

It’s yours.

Washcloth Bibs

Bibs 112

So easy, so fun, so resourceful.

Bibs 006

When you’ve taken all the random T-shirts and made baby pants, and rice pillows and nightcaps and pirate hats out of them…

Bibs 063

you end up with quite a pile of scraps. Perhaps you’ve noticed, but I just have a hard time wasting stuff like this. I’d say it was because I’m a child of the depression, but I’m not. It’s just fun to find a new life for something on it’s last leg.

You will need:

old T-shirts

colorful washcloths


sewing machine

Bibs 108

So, we cut the sleeves off and most of the front and back and cut through the back neck piece of the shirt.

Bibs 109

Then we laid the washcloth on top…

Bibs 110

and sewed it on.

Bibs 037

You can sew down the bottom of the shirt back to the washcloth as well, if you’d like. Some I did, some I didn’t. Either way works.

Bibs 019

Another way to do it is to cut the shirt in more of a half circle…

Bibs 036

and sew it on top of the washcloth. Again, either way works.

Bibs 126

We found that if you turn the bib around–it also makes an adorable cape…

Bibs 142

just perfect for the hardworking superhero.

Bibs 131


There’s a magic feeling about…

September 4 034

pretty colored string.

September 4 035

a pile of it…

August 20 010

a spool of it…

ABC 039

or a carton of it.

ABC 058

Doesn’t really matter because it’s always the same with ambitious stuff like string.

September 4 037

It wants to do more than sit on the shelf or on the spool or in the box.


It wants to BE something…

Ausust 31 182

or a lot of somethings.

Caps--slippers 010

Either way—I like to believe it’s the wish of all miller’s straw…

Copy of July 16 462

to be spun into gold.