Lazy Days of Autumn

These–warm one minute–snowing the next–days of Autumn have called for some sweet little additions to the baby girl wardrobe. Something that works so well with layers and tights and fluffy boots, but also would look simply smashing with just a T-shirt was in order. Once again, I give you…

another installment of the Lazy Days Skirt from Oliver and S. It’s the same one we used last Halloween because it’s just so darn simple. So simple, in fact, that I made two at the same time. One for the baby of the house with black ribbon on the bottom…

and one for Princess Peach (aka Lily), with cream ribbon on the bottom. They work up so fast and look so adorable, that I’m rummaging through the fabric stash with big plans for Thanksgiving…and Christmas…and Hanukkah…and New Year…and Valentine’s Day…and Easter…and 4th of July…

and Halloween. I want to be ready, you know?

:} To download your own free copy of the Lazy Days Skirt just click right  HERE

Prairie Grass Quilts

Here’s some amazing news from my daughter, April that I’d love to share with you~

Family and Friends–
I am so SO excited to announce the Grand Opening of my pattern shop, and the release of my debut quilting patterns! I feel like I have been telling people “soon” for so long, that I can hardly believe soon is NOW! 🙂 But it’s true, the day is here, the website is up, and the patterns are all written and ready to go. Click HERE to go to the website. The pre-sale is going on now, patterns will begin to ship out on October 15th, and any purchase of 3 or more patterns receives a free gift.
I know some of you aren’t quilters, (and never want to be, ha ha) but if you will tell every person you know that might be interested in some new, beautiful (if I do say so myself) patterns–I’ll give you quilting lessons…or chocolate…whichever. 🙂 There are links on my website for my Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr pages, so if you’re into any of those sites and want to share with your contacts there, that would be fabulous.
Thank you so much for all your love, encouragement, and support. I couldn’t have done ANY of this without you. You guys are the best.

Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU!



Raggedy Babies

My clever mama made these pretty little Raggedy Ann dollies for Laurie and I when we were really young. Andy only got to hold the silly parakeet…poor guy. I like to think of these handmade treasures as relatively as old and we are. We, meaning Laurie and I, of course.

Look how well the old girl’s held up. Oh, sure–her elastic is a bit stretched out…

and her loopy hair is all pulled straight—don’t know why I did that…

her red felt nose got scratched off…somehow–don’t know why I did that either…

and she has a scar from an old, old wound.

But she still loves me–as you can see…

her socks stay up beautifully without elastics…

and she still manages to hold her head up straight and tall and keep a sweet smile on her face…

which is an amazing thing for a relic…

who’s the same age…

as me.


Happy Earth Day friends!

The Queen’s Magical Fabric

A chocolate moose 045

Long, long ago—so long ago, in fact, that the queen of the whole world’s children actually were children—there was discovered a beautiful, magical piece of fabric.

This fabric was a perfect purple, blue and pink paisley, fuzzy, velor.

A chocolate moose 046

It was also discovered that the mystical fabric had a perfectly divine purpose and would be just the thing for making three lovely dressing gowns for the queen’s three incredibly cool daughters.

A chocolate moose 047

However, there was trouble in the kingdom that season and the queen became preoccupied with many, many mundane tasks. Therefore the 3 dressing gowns for the 3 princesses didn’t actually happen.

It turned out to be a good thing because as the princesses grew, one day they unanimously declared that the beautiful, perfect, purple, blue, and pink paisley fuzzy velor was in reality NOT beautiful. It was “dreadful, horrible, snakey” fabric.

Some say the word “hideous” was even gently tossed about that day.

A chocolate moose 060

Well, it’s a good thing the queen didn’t make those dressing gowns for her incredibly cool daughters out of that incredibly NOT cool fabric or certainly all would have been lost, and despair would have swallowed up the kingdom. The horrid fabric was sent to the cold and damp dungeon, to never be heard of again.


That was close.

A chocolate moose 061

Several generations later, after much banishing, crown shifting and dragon slaying…

the queen was still in charge of the whole world, but the kingdom had new heirs to the thrown.


By royal decree, the dreaded fabric was searched out and found. To the delight of all…


it was miraculously beautiful once more.

Just perfect in fact…


for a playful romp through the castle halls…


a quiet chat in the upper chambers…


or even a quick ride around the grounds.

The magical fabric was wholeheartedly embraced and invited to stay.

A moose 147

He agreed.

At last, balance, harmony and good will were restored to the kingdom.

Next order of business…

Joy, love, rock and roll, and of course—

world peace.

News at 10.

Handmade Christmas Gifts

Browsing around as some of us do…ahem…I’ve stumbled upon some really clever gift ideas–some of them quick and some are more involved. It’s always more fun to work them up myself and show you–but sometimes imitating the cleverness of others would be like re-inventing the wheel…or the Cheeto.

And you know how I feel about Cheetoes.

This creative planet just goes on and on…

crayon-roll-1Adorable “Crayon Roll” at Skip To My Lou.

baby headbandEasiest-Ever Baby Headband at Hooked on Crochet

simmering-potSimmering Pot Recipes” at Fragrant Home

clipboardsCovered Clipboards” right here at Gracious Rain -shameless plug

alien lampAlien Abduction Lamp” at Dollar Store Crafts

Monster RepellantMonster Repellent” at Little Birdie Secrets

prompt jarPersonal History Prompt Jar” at Gracious Rain- 2nd shameless plug

Needle bookNeedle Book” at Nini Makes

There now…something for anyone and everyone.

Go forth…