Recycled Thought Process…

August 14 020

When you look at a typical pile of cast off clothing, it’s likely you have the same conversation going on in your head that a lot of us do.

“Can someone else wear that?”

“Should I just donate it to DI or Good Will?”

“Is it unwearable?”

“Should we throw it away?”

August 14 032

But lately–since my beloved sewing machine has made it’s way home, every too-short shirt and badly fitting sweater has begun morphing in my mind–to something…


August 14 033

Suddenly, I’m seeing the dreaded, disturbing collection as a fabulous store of potential—spread out in front of me…

August 14 034

waiting to see what’s next for them in the universal “repurpose” life plan…

August 14 031

My head seems filled with 10,000 little sticky notes…

August 14 035

giving a new direction to something old or torn or droopy or faded or just plain ugly.

August 14 036

It feels good to recycle paper and plastic and unplug the cell phone charger and turn out the lights and use less water and sew pretty handbags out of evil plastic sacks and make things we need right now out of things we thought we were finished with.

August 14 037

This all may seem like tiny drops in the big, huge world bucket—but doing something always beats doing nothing. So, because we honestly really love this place, this pretty, little planet…we choose something

August 14 039

and it feels very right.

Happy Earth Day!

Who would have guessed that the Earth has it’s own day? Apparently, this event has been going on for a long time and I was just not aware. It’s kind of embarrassing to tell the truth. I’ve been around a long time and I didn’t know anything about this.

In fact, as you can see, my own daughter has a shirt that sort of rips on the idea that the Earth–you know the big, huge, all-the-people-in-the-world, EARTH only gets one day–when it appears it would like more — all 365 in fact.

So, I did a tiny bit of research, and found that this has been going on since the 70’s—I remember them–and has evolved to the point that the more earth-conscious folks actually, you know…like…DO stuff.

At first, I figured that it was just one more rigged plot to make me feel guilty–but I was wrong. The more I read, the more I learned about how easy it can be to do things a bit better–and really help a lot. It made me feel a bit super heroish. Just doing my part to save the universe.

So first, we should all take the Green QUIZ to see how green we are really living. Don’t be afraid. It is fun. You might be surprised at how well you’re doing. If you need some new tips that’s ok too.

Then, I read about this cute idea for making a compost bin. As long as it doesn’t stink up the place or attract rats or bears or anything–I’m game. It looks pretty cute and my dad used to swear by compost for his garden.

Next, I stumbled onto an adorable paper mache globe that is easy enough to make during nap time. I love globes–they remind me of that little baby that had memorized the map. So cool. Anyway, this globe would be a fun activity for the day.

If you need a Mall adventure here’s one. Take 3 plastic bottles to a Disney Store near you and they will give you a free reusable tote bag , or reusable water bottle.

Earth Day Tips:

Plant some flowers or even a tree.

Step up your recycling efforts by calling the city and ordering a recycle bin.

Find alternatives to bringing your groceries home in plastic bags.

Drink from a reusable water bottle.

Reuse the bags that you have to give them a new purpose–forgive the shameless plug.

Pick up and throw away litter in your neighborhood.

Walk somewhere instead of driving.

Send an Earth-Day greeting to a friend.

Turn off the lights.

Open the windows for a nice cool breeze.

Smile at someone you don’t know.

Buy the organic version of a product you love.

Finally–as a nice bedtime story—watch Wall-E.

I know this post is a link-fest, but there was just so much good stuff–I couldn’t help myself. I hope you’ll click on them.

Even more cool Earth Day Stuff!

Let me know what you’re doing to celebrate our planet.

Happy Earth Day.

“greenWinkle” BagBags

Ok, I’m being very brave now. I’ve decided to show you the project we’ve been working on for the past year or so. This is a handbag made entirely from plastic shopping bags.

So how green is that?

This particular one is made from the silvery white bags with green writing on them. It has a pearly sheen to it and with the green–well, it turned out really pretty.

We call it the Water Lily BagBag. Besides being made from “repurposed” grocery bags, it’s amazingly strong and durable, and get this–it is washer and dryer safe!

These are the company tags we had carved from coconut shells.

We’ve madeĀ  quite a few more–each one with totally different colors–in four sizes. I’ll put them on here one at a time so you can see them up close.

I’m working on setting up an Etsy shop so–

–please let me know what you think

It will make me brave.