Quilt Shop Hop

Let me just start this post off by saying–right up front–I’m not really a quilter. There. I said it.

Oh, I have loved to sew since my mom helped me make a skirt in the 7th grade, but quilting has always been a bit scary to me. All that precision…all those pieces. Yikes. Though I have had dear friends and now dear daughters that are quite wonderful at it–this particular bug has just not ever bitten me.

So when April suggested that we go on a Quilting “Shop Hop” that would take us all over the state—the fact that I agreed had nothing to do with my love of, or ability to–quilt.

It sounded like a great adventure with some people I’m pretty fond of–so we packed up the little doo-dads and headed out.

The idea is that if we visit every shop in the “Hop,” in the end we’ll have all the little town patterns we need to make the “Around the Town” quilt.

We ended up at 10 different quilting shops today and we have 5 more to scope out tomorrow.

So far, we’ve enter 11 drawings and won two prizes, received 6 free gifts, and collected 10 of the patterns.

Not to mention the piles of assorted cookies and brownies and popcorn and homemade bread we’ve consumed—all for the cause.

Each shop has designed their own version using the same patterns in their own particular style–so we’ve tried to take pictures of them all as we go.

We had such a fun time running around to all the different stores and having them stamp our “Around the Town Passports.”

Each store is giving away $100 worth of quilting prizes–so just think—16 stores, with 3 of us entering each contest–that’s 48 entries! The odds of winning something are pretty good! Wahoo!

To Be Continued…


Week 14 Food Storage Prompt: 100 lbs. of Wheat.