doTERRA Convention Coming Up!!

Because the doTERRA Dream Convention is coming up THIS WEEK, it got me thinking back to the doTERRA Alive Convention that we attended a few years back.

It was wonderful to meet up with our sweet friends…

and sit for together for THREE whole days…

just soaking up all the incredible new oil information…

and the science behind it all.

We filled whole tablets taking notes, without missing a beat. WAAAAY too much info to just trust that we wouldn’t forget.

But this, this was easy to remember…

and all this happiness, it was easy too.



The actual doTERRA Dream Convention is totally sold out now. But if you’d like to watch the Live Stream from the comfort of your own home–in your jammies even, click below for more info. Join us!!

doTERRA DREAM Convention 2018 Live Stream

The Origin of Instant


My mom had this little comic pinned to the kitchen bulletin board for most of my life.  I think she used it to defend her love for that “new” product… Hamburger Helper.

I swear, we didn’t know it was a nuclear toxin.

It was just, you know, faster.


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Honey Spice Throat Drops Season

100 Happy Days #54


Ahhh…here we are again, at that lovely time of year. My absolute favorite, to be exact. Leaves changing and falling everywhere. The holidays approaching. That nippy cool snap in the air. But with all this loveliness also comes the musty furnace coming on at night and the cool air coming on in the day. It’s a balance from hour to hour to not roast or freeze. At our house, sometimes all these changes brings an occasional bout of scratchy throats for the big and little folks.


Must be time to whip up a batch of Honey Spice Throat Drops! Yummo.


Now, I need to tell you–if you venture out and make your own throat drops using this recipe, please, PLEASE go HERE first and find out what Hard Crack Stage actually is for your area at this time of year. It’s not hard to figure out, but it is different everywhere and changes with the weather and moisture in the air. It’s pretty aggravating to follow the directions and have the same temperature I use actually not set up, or worse, burn in your area. Do the test and your drops will work.


Mine were a tad more sticky this time because it was raining outside while I was making them. I should have cooked them a minute or two longer. But they still tasted great and did the job.

Yee haw. I love these things!

Honey Spice Throat Drops RECIPE


100 Happy Days #27


I mean…YOGA!! I’ll admit, I’ve never tried it, never really given it a chance. And so here I am thinking that maybe…just maybe a slower, more relaxed approach might just help me get moving a bit. Hopefully my knee will cooperate and I’ll be the neighborhood yogi in a matter of weeks. Heh, heh.

Hey, wait…


what does that say? “…for INFLEXIBLE people.” What kind of lame-o negative affirmation is that?! Ok, my clever transposing brain will auto correct that title this very minute. From now on, it will read–to my brain at least, “Essential Yoga For Greater Flexibility.” Much, much better.

Good grief.

Somebody needs an editor.


Timely Revelation~

100 Happy Days #8


I just realized that instead of dragging my fluffy body to the boring old Nordic Track, and trying to beg myself to stay on there a measly 20 minutes–

I can set up my kindle with big, huge, READABLE font and engross myself in a really good book.

Seriously, time just flew by without me even knowing it. In fact, I looked up at the clock and I had gone over my goal time. My first thought was, “I’m not finished with this chapter.” Heh, heh.

Perhaps I’ve finally discovered the secret to exercising for more than 20 minutes by giving myself permission to read.

Exercising is making me pretty darn happy…

at last.