Ready Indeed


We are sooo ready for this spring stuff to really truly get here and stay.


The trees are flowering…


and snowing petals everywhere.


The periwinkle is blooming all over the place…


and the crazy old blueberry bush has kicked back in.


So much of the yard is cooperating  just as it should…


and the back grass is finally, FINALLY green.


Yesterday the Bald Kid tilled up the garden patch and dug in all the old weed control newspapers that were still hanging around from last year.


And I’m learning how to use my dad’s very cool composter to make our hard old Utah clay just a bit more wonderful.


Pretty proud of our compose in progress–oh, do be proud of me.


But the best part is that my little patch, the one that’s kinda mine, well, it’s getting an overhaul this week.


We’re pulling out all the weeds and any other odd things we find, thinning the strawberries and trimming back the roses and planting a few perennial flowers here and there just because we want to.


We’re pulling out the old broken wood border and replacing it with something…better (imagine me giggling my head off!).


Oh, we’re ready all right to go out there and get to work making it all beautiful and orderly and crisp and tidy and flowery…




For Another Day…

I was going to write a post telling the whole truth and nothing but the truth about my silly little garden and all of it’s woes and calamities. But to be honest–I’m just so happy to have these pretty little Sun Sugar tomatoes fresh from…well…what’s left of my garden, that I haven’t got a whiney thought left in me.

Instead, I have a whole bucket full of goodness to gobble up and it’s a scrumptious distraction.

I’ll tell you about the other stuff…later.

If I remember.


Confusion In The Ranks

On the heels of the post about how “Autumn is most certainly coming now, bla-bla,” I have to say…it seems to me like only part of our yard is catching on. The pumpkins are doing their best to look all nice and Autumy. Two points for them.

The choke cherries–if that’s what they are–look ready to feed the birds till December. Good job choke cherries.

And our wood pile is set to “extra dry” in anticipation of cooler things to come. Way to go wood pile.

But I ask you…

What is Autumn-ish about a rose bush that’s still blooming all over the place?

Down rose bush, down.

And doesn’t parsley know that when you pick every last bit of it–it’s not suppose to…

come back again?

Enough already, parsley.

And why is it that now, in mid October we’re finally–FINALLY–getting a few piles of tomatoes? Ok, that’s not so bad, but still…

Why won’t the seasons behave like they’re suppose to?!

Tis’ a puzzlement.


Afternoon Tea

I sent Miss Chompy into the house with the last Fall picking of our sweet little berries. But –she and her imaginary friends had a tea party and somehow…somehow…they were all gobbled up. I think she said something about a wolf.


Moral of the story:

Be extra careful who you trust with the berry basket


You’ll be having canned peaches for dessert tonight.

Tomato Love

Ooohh–I’ve found a new love. No, no…I didn’t pick these pretty things before they were ripe. These are called Sun Gold Cherry Tomatoes and they are sooo amazing. They’re smaller than regular cherry tomatoes and so sweet that it’s easy to pick a handful and eat them all before you get in the house.

They were slow in coming this year so to get a whole bowlful in one picking is quite a feat.

I suppose I should do something noble with them…



Ain’t gonna happen.

:}                                                                                                                                                                       518