Einstein’s Grandkids’ Riddle

Einstein laughing

Einstein Laughing

Mr. Einstein is laughing because, as far as we can tell he didn’t have any children…so grandchildren would be “optimism to the point of foolishness.”

One lazy day a few summers ago, my daughter sent me a Brain Teaser called “Einstein’s Riddle” to mess around with. If I remember correctly—she hated it. Now, in her defense, I’ll tell you–she is one smart cookie, so it isn’t that she couldn’t do it. I think for some people this is an uncomfortable exercise–because it asks your brain to solve a problem in a way that many aren’t use to.

The story behind Einstein’s riddle is that Albert Einstein created it about a hundred years ago and claimed that 98% of the world population couldn’t solve it. I, personally have no idea if Albert Einstein had anything to do with this puzzle in real life, but I know this…more and more people are able to solve it these days.

Maybe our brains are evolving.

Maybe we play with numbers more than the average Joe did in 1909.

Maybe it’s the Wii.

Who knows?


The bald kid read an article in Popular Science (I know, I know) that said, “There is a relatively untapped area of the brain that is activated by two known exercises— Sodoku and the Rubix Cube.” Sodoku actually keeps your brain young! Who’d of thought? I—in my infinite wisdom—believe that this riddle is along the same lines—though, luckily, not as complicated at a the cube.

Now the fun part.


At the risk of being blasphemous to Mr. Einstein, we’ve taken the liberty of  “modernizing” his puzzle just a bit to keep it interesting. Fear not–the integrity of the original riddle is still intact. Take a minute and play with us—it’s the weekend…come on…

When you think you have the answer–post a comment saying, something like, “I’ve got it!”  Now listen carefully to this part…I mean it…


That would spoil it for everyone–wouldn’t it?

Are you ready? Here goes—

Einstein Grandkids’ Riddle

– In a street there are five houses, painted five different colors.

– In each house lives a man with a different name. (William, Steven, Daniel, Tyler and  Greg)

– These five homeowners each have a favorite beverage, eat a different treat and keep a different pet.

Einstein’s riddle is: Who owns the Clown Fish?

Necessary clues:

1.  William lives in a red house.
2.  Steven has a poodle.
3.  Daniel drinks Powerade.
4.  The Green house is on the left of the White house.
5.  The owner of the Green house drinks orange juice.
6.  The person who eats M&M’s has a parakeet.
7.  The owner of the Yellow house eats Skittles.
8.  The man living in the center house drinks chocolate milk.
9.  Tyler lives in the first house.
10. The man who eats Twix lives next to the one who has a tabby cat.
11. The man who keeps a Buckskin Horse lives next to the man who eats Skittles.
12. The man who eats Lemonheads drinks Kool-Aid.
13. Greg eats Gummi Bears.
14. Tyler lives next to the blue house.
15. The Twix eater lives next to the one who drinks Vitamin Water.

Good luck!

Harry Potter and the Family of Wack

No, no…it’s not the newest Harry Potter book.

The “Family of Wack” well,

that would be…

Lyndi3 098Miss Sybil Trelawney


LyndiRandom 020Harry’s Birthday Celebration

Yeah. We really get into this sort of thing.

Lyndi3 107Border’s Midnight Book Release

The crowds…

Lyndi3 104Professor Dumbledore

the costumes…

Lyndi3 097


even the scary guys…

Lyndi3 096Scera Theater Midnight Showing

and believe it or not–the lines turn out to be an event.

Yes, a new Harry Potter movie is coming out–TODAY and quite frankly, I keep forgetting which number this one even is.

Lyndi3 106Professor’s Sprout and the Mandrake

But seriously, who cares? Life is more interesting and fun where there’s something to look forward to. In fact, by the time you read this–we will have already stood in line and caught the show with all the other Harry Potter Wack-jobs.

Our only defense…

Lyndi3 100

we love this stuff!

Cheetoes–a Completely Honest Taste Test

So many choices…so little time. What’s a Cheetos lover to do?

We decided to have a taste test to discover the winner for the “Very Best Cheetos in the World” contest.

In the running were…

Contestant #1


Regular Cheetos


Contestant #2


Crunchy Cheetos


Contestant #3


Twisted Puff Cheetos


Contestant #4


Crunchy Mozzarella Cheetos


Contestant #5

Fiery Hot Cheetos

Sorry, I don’t have a picture of the bag, because it melted through the table and kitchen floor and is no doubt on it’s way to the center of the Earth…or Hades…

and rightly so.

Next, we gathered the troops and force fed them the different styles of Cheetos and gave everyone a ballot.


Here is what we came up with…


#1– Regular Puffs–which in my unbiased opinion, are the only true Cheetos on the face of the Earth–received exactly 1 vote for 1st place. Everyone else thought it should be in 3rd or 4th place. The heathens.


#2– Crunchy–received 5 votes for 1st place even though they are deep fried and very, very bad for you, and 1 vote for 4th place.


#3 –Twisted Puffs–received 1 vote for 2nd place because they were really spongy and cheesy and good and 1 vote for 3rd place and 5 votes for 4th place, because my family doesn’t really understand the connection between puffy Cheetos and true unadulterated wisdom.


#4– Mozzarella –received 1 vote for 3rd place and 3 votes for 4th place and 1 vote for 5th place because they didn’t really taste like anything. It was weird.


#5– Fiery –received 6 votes for last place, because they were hot and nasty and deserve a cold and watery grave, except they also got 1 vote for 3rd place because Jacob’s singed tongue lava meter is all screwed up. He actually liked them.

So, as you can clearly see, Cheetos PUFFS are by far the best Cheetos in the land–even if more people actually voted for the crunchy ones.

It’s my test, and I can cheat if I want to…cheat if I want to…cheat if I want to.

(No animals were harmed in the making of this taste test…well, except for Beany who tried to eat #5 and caused a 3 alarm fire in his throat. But he’s fine now and his tongue has almost grown back.)

Flip Book

Let me explain…

crackers 105

Beckham is surprised at the feeling of cold water in his lap…

crackers 106

Lily thinks, “Hmmmm….looks fun…”

crackers 107

“…I believe I shall try it.”

Twin joy.



Food Storage Prompt #7  100 pounds of wheat.

Note: Some items may cost a bit more these days than when these prompts were originally written, but hopefully it will still be helpful to have a nudge to gather these items each week.