Scriptures By Chompy

My daughter Lyndi usually reads scriptures out loud in the morning, while Miss Chompy is having her breakfast. For some reason, this particular morning our gal was really listening. Here’s what we got~

“Lift up your head…

and be of good cheer.”

(That’s her super-duper ‘being of good cheer” face.)

“I did it mom!”

One. Dang. Cute. Kid.


Masha Is Back

Oooh, lookey what I got in the mail today. A fun little package from far, far away…

Moscow to be exact. No, no…it’s not from my boy. He’s on the other side of the country and nowhere near Moscow. I know exactly what this little parcel is because I ordered it myself.

I found them on ebay a month or so ago and couldn’t control my clicking finger. Do you recognize these two adorable critters? Let me give you a hint. Before the Bald Kid left for Siberia, I did a post about his preparations and the adventure he was having learning the Russian language. It was called Masha and the Bear.

Well, my friends–this is Masha…

and this is the Bear.

These guys are the stars of an adorable Russian TV show that Miss Chompy has fallen in love with. Of course, we have no clue exactly what they are saying to each other, but it’s still worth watching, because you can pretty much figure out what’s going on even if you’re Russian is rusty.

I mean, after all–it’s a kid’s show.

And let me tell you, this gal knows who these guys are. They’ve been friends for years.

She doesn’t seem to even notice that they aren’t speaking English. I think it has to do with laughter being the universal language…or something.

Now if I can just get this video clip to work…

Stealth Mode

So there we were, minding our own business, playing with Mr. Magoo just enjoying his soft squishy, babyness. There’s just something so magic and nearly edible about these new little souls–don’t you think?

Anyway, Miss Chompy was happily content, in the other room playing with that most reluctant kitty–Jiff. At least, we thought she was.

Fine. We didn’t actually see her, but we could hear her giggling. Jiffy is a pretty funny cat after all.

Come to think of it, there was a lot of giggling…

just outside my bedroom door.

Who knew that Miss Chompy was actually…

a Ninja?