Mother’s Day Surprise

My family is soooo cute! They each came and spent a part of Mother’s Day with me. And I was given the most AWESOME gifts this year.









Among them was a beautiful, HOT PINK Kitchen Aid mixer!! Yes, yes, I know–it’s gorgeous and get this…

It matches my toaster!!!

But here’s a tip. Look closely before you throw any boxes away–

or you might miss one of the best gifts of all.


So, So Thankful


So very much to be thankful for this year.


The new exciting things, the old, comfortable things.


A few very, very hard things…


and some incredibly wonderful, happy things.

All, I believe, designed by our loving Heavenly Father to help us stretch and grow and love harder and stronger and ultimately…


to bring us closer to Him.

I am indeed grateful for my sweet home and cute chickens and my dear, dear family….


some of whom may or may not be playing chess…

at the dinner table.

And I love them to bits.

Happy Thanksgiving my friends.


Those Silly Spooks

img_3706 img_3714 img_3717 img_3721

img_3704 img_3705 img_3711 img_3716 img_3719 img_3723 img_3725 img_3727 img_3728 img_3731 img_3732 img_3735 img_3736

Our sweet little Halloween party has evolved into an event of huge proportions. So much so that we have to meet at a place that is bigger than any of our houses are.  Pretty fun to see that all those little spooks from years ago, are just great big even crazier spooks nowadays–with a whole new generation of littles coming right along behind.

Ooooh, I love these people.

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General Conference 2016


October General Conference–easily one of my favorite events of the year.


Listening to our leaders speak…


while surrounded by my sweet family.

And fabulous food never hurts either.  I was too busy eating it to take pictures.

Har de har.

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