My Boy’s Bucket List

When my Daney-boy told me that he was taking is sweet little family to Boston–AND to his first actual Patriot’s game–well, I knew something special was in order. I grabbed the appropriate colors of my favorite Caron yarn and got to work. With three different patterns and some embroidered patches from Ebay, Papa Bear, Mama Bear and Baby Bear had some awesome new hats for the special day.

As you can see–they were a hit!!

Of course the Patriot’s did their part too and put on an unforgettable show right where my boy could see it, up close. Good job, Tom Brady!

Colts 24 / Patriot’s 38

“Take family to Patriot’s game–”



double check.

doTERRA Convention Coming Up!!

Because the doTERRA Dream Convention is coming up THIS WEEK, it got me thinking back to the doTERRA Alive Convention that we attended a few years back.

It was wonderful to meet up with our sweet friends…

and sit for together for THREE whole days…

just soaking up all the incredible new oil information…

and the science behind it all.

We filled whole tablets taking notes, without missing a beat. WAAAAY too much info to just trust that we wouldn’t forget.

But this, this was easy to remember…

and all this happiness, it was easy too.



The actual doTERRA Dream Convention is totally sold out now. But if you’d like to watch the Live Stream from the comfort of your own home–in your jammies even, click below for more info. Join us!!

doTERRA DREAM Convention 2018 Live Stream

Things To Love

A new line of fabric from my favorite designer, April Rosenthal, called Mama’s Cottage, with a particularly personal touch. See the blue house, with the red roof? That’s my house–immortalized in fabric!! Hee, hee…  So beautiful and of course, it just makes me sooo happy.

Then there’s this little sprig of joy.  He’s such a little smiler, all the time. And don’t miss the matching church ties. So dang cute!

This little labor of love, for a sweet boy with a cold head–more on that later.

I may have made one in red…too.   :]

Having a really smart daughter that knows how to put these ancient relics into a format that we can actually watch. What a blessing not to lose all those memories that we thought we’d never see again.

And finally, these little golden girlie curls. Yes, I know it’s blurry–but you can’t take a clear picture of a firefly.

So much to love. And that’s just a pinch.

There’s always more.


Look What WE Have!!

This, my dears is our newest little sweetheart–Merrick. He’s the happiest little soul that you’ve ever seen and OH, so much fun to snuggle and kiss.

 Do you just adore the matching ties for church?

He is the son of Dane & Kortney and the dearest little grand-baby imaginable.

So glad they are close by so they can share all this happiness with us.

Mother’s Day Surprise

My family is soooo cute! They each came and spent a part of Mother’s Day with me. And I was given the most AWESOME gifts this year.









Among them was a beautiful, HOT PINK Kitchen Aid mixer!! Yes, yes, I know–it’s gorgeous and get this…

It matches my toaster!!!

But here’s a tip. Look closely before you throw any boxes away–

or you might miss one of the best gifts of all.