So Much Love

Back from their honeymoon–at last, at last, the kids (oooh…can I call them kids?) came home and invited us to their wedding-gift-opening night.

What may have looked like chaos to some, was in fact, a huge downpour of love, for these two sweethearts. And oh, my goodness–so much love from so many…

dear, sweet, beloved friends and family.

It was sincerely incredible to watch them be so showered on and see them be absolutely delighted. Such thoughtfulness from so many. In the end, I’ll admit, I was nearly speechless…

nearly.  :}

I do have one question though.

Who gave these guys permission to grow up…so fast?



I’ve Noticed Something…

Now that the wedding flowers are all hung up to dry…

and the tuxedo has been sent back to the shop…

and the last of the boy clothes have been packed up…

I’m missing a few things, you know, like crazy singing in the shower–in some strange foreign tongue–early in the morning…

and a guy razor always, always left out for me to put away–at odd times of the day…

and the goofy clothes dropped beside the hamper…ahem–instead of in it.

See that? Not even one single whisker to wash out of the sink. Sheesh.

In fact it’s altogether too quiet and too tidy and too…too…well...girly around here right now.

Of course, I’m really happy for him.

And certainly I’m really proud of him.

But mostly, I’m really, really, really missing him.

Congratulations my darlings–

Happy Honeymoon!

{ Joy }

“There is no scene so sweet, no time so sacred as that very special day of your marriage. Then and there you glimpse celestial joy.”

                                                                                                            Thomas S. Monson