Mystic Mermaid Cocoon


Have you EVER seen anything so adorable in your life?!!

I found this sweet little fishy baby on b.hooked crochet and I just keep staring and staring at it. The pattern is there for FREE too. And you know what I say…you can’t beat free.

If only I knew someone who was having a baby girl soon.

Oh, wait…

I do.

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Granny Ripple For Baby

We have a couple new babies making their appearance here in the next few months–which for me, means that I have some huge hookey work to do. Babies—babies! Tons of them!! Could anything possibly be more fun?

My first project is this pretty little Granny Ripple. I found the instructions over at the Lazy Hobby Hopper. Turns out, she’s got step by step instructions for this lovely stitch and since I’ve been pining away since I first saw it, I figured now’s my chance.


I was very unsettled about the colors that the mom chose–just never seen this combo together. It worried me so much that I hesitated to even start because I just pictured myself pulling alllll those stitches out. But my worries were silly because as you can see, the colors are…gorgeous.

This is a soothing, almost sing-songy pattern that you’ll end up doing mindlessly before long. I love this kind of work because I don’t have to think about anything while stitching.

Anything, that is, but the pink, fluffy bit of sweetness that will be nestled in it’s warmth in just a few short months.

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Tara’s Snowflake~

Gr Tara's snowflake

This lovely thing was sent in by my friend Tara. I’ve never even thought about making it in red, and isn’t it just beautiful?!

Just goes to show what creative people can do.


That Pretty Little Snowflake

A very popular post from a while back is the Snowflake Potholder. Since that time, we’ve had lots of people make the pattern as well.

Joyce's potholder

Look at this lovely one that my friend Joyce made. It’s the perfect project for a cool Autumn evening. If you decide to try one yourself- or any other project you find on GraciousRain, for that matter– I hope you’ll share it with us by emailing the photo to me at

I’ll love it. You’ll love it. And if it gets posted, we can ALL love it!


Stained Glass Again

100 Happy Days #53


This really is one of those projects that I take up and put down again, according to my patience meter for the day. Some days I can barely look into the sewing bag where the Stained Glass Squares in progress live, and other days I can’t wait to mess with them again.


The problem for me, is that I’m not so good at reading a pattern that doesn’t come with a lot of step by step pictures. Blame it on our photos of everything culture, that we have now, but if I can see a project up close, I can usually figure it out. But if there’s just one picture of an afghan thrown over a chair for me to copy–well…it’s going to take a little more time and a bucket load of reworking.


At this point, I’ve had to pretty much write the instructions out myself. Not because there is anything wrong with the original pattern, but more because I need pictures…like a seven year old…and there aren’t any. But I shall merrily carry on until I can’t bear it another second. Then back in the bag it will go to give my brain a rest for another little while.

One of these days, I’ll finish this silly thing.

But for now, I’m content that it’s getting closer.

That will do.