Dane Dolls

Elder Dane


I’ve had enough people ask me about baby Kenny’s Uncle Dane Doll, that I thought maybe I’d show you up close. It’s been hidden away behind the “Door” tab with the other “secrets,” that the kids got for Christmas.

When Dane left for a mission to Lithuania in June the twins were only 6 months old. We wanted the babies to know his face so that when he comes home, he’ll be a bit familiar. So, the idea for the Dane doll came about.

Football Dane

The original pattern was for a kitten doll–which I made last year–from the Lion Brand yarn site. It was easy to change the colors and leave off the pointed ears and turn it into a human–in this case–Uncle Dane. I sewed a three stitch brown tie at his neck and a black tag on his shirt. The face was made from June Taylor Colorfast Sew-In Inkjet Fabric Sheets. It was so easy to just pick the face picture from my computer and run the fabric through the printer. I cut it out and sewed it right on to the crocheted doll head.

The babies love them!

Slippers For The Family Feet…

Every year–usually at Christmastime, a few dozen family feet need rewarming with new slippers. I had the kids dig their current sets out from the under the various beds to see if they needed repair, a good scrubbing, or retirement. Only Jillian’s were wounded enough for the mending basket and it wasn’t critical. So, first-it’s Daney boy’s turn for a brand new pair, because before he left, we discovered that one of his slippers was missing. Eaten by dragons, no doubt.

Making new ones is the least I can do for the cause of a cute, cold, boy–who is far, far away. We were told not even to buy a coat for him in America because we don’t have anything warm enough here in the States to help in 30 below weather. Yikes. I picture him strolling the snowy streets of Lithuania wearing a moose hide overcoat and beaver boots. I really hope not. As much as I want him to be warm and well, I tend to frown on all that real fur stuff.

So anyway, the slipper I make is a jimmied version of an old baby bootie pattern I purchased about a billion years ago from Annie’s Attic. It looked so comfortable and most importantly–actually stayed on their feet–that as my babies grew I just made the pattern…ahhh … bigger. Much, much bigger in Rhen’s case. I’ll put the directions on paper someday–if anyone else wants it.

Now, I’m halfway through with a nice cozy pair made from Peaches & Creme 100% cotton (in Shaded Brown) and a ball of “repurposed” wool (yarn that used to be something else, before it became a ball of yarn–in this case, a sweater), in dark chocolate. The idea is to make them soft and warm and sturdy enough to survive a trip to the mailbox…

…and of course to save the life of an innocent beaver.