Stained Glass Nativity

I finally finished my latest puzzle and I have to say….

I’m pretty sure it’s my favorite Christmas puzzle of all time.

The colors are so bright and happy and the finished project is positively stunning!

We took the decorations down a couple of weeks ago–

but I still can’t make myself put this last thing away.

It makes me smile every time I walk past it.

Someone asked me why I didn’t just glue it all together and hang it on the wall–but I can’t.

This puzzle is going to be worn out from being put together over and over and over again.

Crazy Lights

You ever seen one of those yards… 

at Christmas time…

that makes your car come to a complete stop all by itself…

just so you can sit there and gawk?

As beautiful as it is, all I can think is, “Holy Cow…the light bill.”

The Santa Mugs Tradition


I’ve heard of people making a tradition out of drinking hot chocolate from adorable little Santa mugs for Christmas Eve. I loved the idea, I bought two mugs and did my very best to save them for the night before Christmas. Ha.

I lasted about 10 minutes.

Trouble is, they are so DANG cute and fun to hold and even more fun to drink from, that welllllll…

I’m afraid that the official word on the new tradition at our house will be– to drink hot chocolate and herb tea and Postum and anything else you can think of out of these happy little mugs every chance you get for as long as possible.  Besides, they are too awesome to use once and then be done with them for a year.

So, if you’re looking for me, I’ll be the one with the cocoa mustache  drinking shamelessly from the Kringle mug on December 17.  Try to be brave.

I’m a rebel.





A Real Dang Tree!


Real tree. Real tree. Realtreerealtreerealtree. REAL TREEEEE!!

First one in about 25 years. It’s a funny shape and a little pinched and I don’t care because it’s REAL and it smells heavenly.

Ask me if I’m excited. Go ahead…

ask me.

Hee hee…