When I was a kid–to say that we always, always had cats would be putting it lightly. Not only did we always have at least one cat, but that one cat–often Beasty–was usually about to have about 6 more. I know, I know, but it was back before we “fixed” all the animals and so the poor dear had a few batches of babies each year. Forgive us. We didn’t know better.

ANYway, this little kitty is one that we kept longer than normal because we just didn’t find it a home with all it’s brothers and sisters. and he had unusually thick, soft, lush fur. So thick and soft and lush, in fact, that my dad asked me ten times a day if he could make my cat into…a pelt. I think he thought he was being funny. I though he was one sick ticket. My mom named the cat Boots–and yes, we have a bit more imagination when naming our animals these days…but I digress.

This cute little kitty used to follow me around the house and watch while I did my chores with strange intensity, almost like she wished she could help me–which would have been really nice. She’d stand and stare while I made my bed, and while I washed out the bathtub and especially if I was washing the kitchen floor. In fact the reason that my mom took this picture was because as I scrubbed my brush around and around in tiny circles, Boot’s little head would follow the same motion–around and around and around like a mechanical toy. My mom was laughing so hard she could barely keep the camera still long enough to snap the photo.

We always had dogs along with the cats–but I will say, I’m partial to cats and kittens. But whatever it is, there’s just something touching about a little creature that wants nothing more than to stay close to you. It feels priceless.

What about you? Did you/do you have a favorite pet?

Tell me-tell me-tell me~

Beany Boy Update

For those who’ve asked how Mr. Beany is doing, I have to say, pretty great….for a hundred year old kitty with a healing hip.

He still walks with a slight limp–but it’s much better than it was. The muscles in his hip are still “sprung” so-to-speak, but he doesn’t seem to have any pain with it.

And see how that same leg is just poking out to one side? Yeah, they say he’ll probably do that the rest of his life because the leg is essentially longer now.  But I pet him and love him and feed him soft food and now and then, I even get away with massaging his hip. I think he lets me because he doesn’t want me to worry about him.

In fact, if he spoke English, which I swear sometimes he does–I think he’d say,

“It’s all good.

Thanks for asking.

Now feed me.”


Bird Watching Buddies

 We finally took a minute to refill the bird feeders last night, Miss Chompy and I.

It’s been a while and they were wondering if we’d moved to Portugal or something.

So, naturally I was excited to show the girly-girly how many birds discovered their breakfast on our deck this morning.

She gets such a kick out of watching our little flighty friends, but I couldn’t find that chicky anywhere.

It’s really so much more fun to hang out with someone who positively, absolutely LOVES these birdies–like I do.

Ah, well. Guess that works too.

Heh, heh.