Leaf Magic


When you have an over achieving willow tree, like we do, you get very used to seeing these leaves on the ground, on the driveway, in the grass, on your car, in your hair. Trust me they are all over the place.


But when you also have an over achieving boy, who makes a game out of raking the darn things up…


he makes sure that you can see the lawn again, even if it’s only for about 15 minutes. Dang, silly, weeping tree.


But this boy doesn’t mind, because he can make a train load of leaves disappear in minutes…

like magic.


Probably because he’s part elf.


Pumpkin Surprise


The garden this year was a bust. It all got carried away and went totally out of control. I’d show you a picture, but it was too embarrassing. Besides, who takes a picture of a patch of 4 foot tall weeds? Honestly.


But then a funny thing happened. Once the temperature dropped and the nasty things started dying back, we found a few stalwart, brave pumpkins hiding in the forest, no doubt, hoping with all their pumpkin might, that we wouldn’t come out and torch the whole place. Isn’t that what farmers do to kill weeds?


We’ll work harder next year. No, I mean it. There was just something goofy about the plot this time. It was like a garden possessed.

But nice to know that even under all the weeds-gone-wild, a few pretty little things can still wait patiently, hiding out until we find them.


A Walk Through The Yard

This season, this Autumn stuff–the vibrant colors, the crisp bite in the morning air and the cinnamony scent to the whole world, can just never arrive soon enough for me.

I wander around the yard thinking, “that’s right leaves–turn burnt orange, and brick red…

and bright, fiery yellow.

And by all means, when you’re finished, feel free to fall to the ground.

I love Autumn so much. Everything about it– the cooling and the colors and the falling.


I want to say to all the still-green-stuff-that-won’t-let go, “Oh, my word, could we just get on with it!”

Lucky for me, someone else is in charge of it all and sometimes that means we get to move slowly, carefully, gently, from one lovely phase to another.

In the end, it’s a good thing that I’m not in charge.

Just think what we’d miss.


~30 Days of Thankful~