America the Beautiful

4th of July

No, no. I wasn’t in New York for the 4th of July. I was actually helping Dane in his booth. But this picture made me very happy. It’s beautiful–don’t you think?

How did you celebrate the 4th?


Lighting The World


My Daney-boy and his sweetheart Kortney came all the way from Idaho to man a booth at Summerfest.


The company he works for is called Niki-Nu Lites.


Perhaps you’ve heard me brag talk about them before.


See they make these beautiful, incredible lights, in all kinds of colors…


and all kinds of shapes.


Some even have logos…


very IMPORTANT logos.


These lights are so much fun to put together–easier than I thought too.


Of course, people can also buy them already put together…either way.


The booth attracts a lot of attention during the day, because the lights are so unique.


But the minute the sun starts to dip in the west…


these lights simply glow.


People actually gather around just to stare at them and try to figure out what they’re made of…


and how they’re put together.


And of course, my cute boy is right there to show them. Looks like he’s a little light-headed at the moment. HAaahaha.

I crack myself up!


If you happen to be in Provo this week for the 4th of July–please come visit my boy in his Niki-Nu Lites booth at the Freedom Festival.


We’ll all be there to help and cheer and clap…and stare.


Hope to see you there!


There They Go~

You know, we’ve gone to the Balloon Fest this time of year forever and ever. Since my kids were the kids anyway–and that’s a lonnnng time ago. It’s so fun to watch them sitting back, enjoying the same events and traditions with their own families, just like we use to.

The place is the same, the food is the same, and many of the balloons are the same. But over the years, we’ve added a few choice people to our crowd.

And they’re keepers– every. last. one.