A Million Things To Be Happy About-- The Original List Now...before you say, "Sheesh! This is a lonnng list." I want you to remember that we would like to get to a million. Do you know how many a MILLION is? Well, it a lot, that's how many. So if you'd like add to our list---be brave and scroll down to the bottom. Yes, yes, it may take a while to get there but you'll manage. And maybe you'll even read something along the way that reminds you of all that is good in your life. When you add to the "list" your addition will appear on the side bar---that changes about every 10 seconds---titled, "What Makes You Happy?" If you're patient enough--you'll see your own words there eventually. So cool!
  1. The children family-group-050
  2. These perfect grandbabies

  3. Missionary boy phone calls on Christmas daywith-elder-vehawn
  4. Fleece slippers
  5. A bag of Cheetoes–baked not fried       cheetoes
  6. Painted toenails
  7. The smell of real Christmas trees
  8. A well stocked bird feederblue-birds
  9. Picking raspberries
  10. Real Hot Chocolate with real whipped cream
  11. Wearing pigtails
  12. Striped socksclipboards-037
  13. Bright pink mittens
  14. A reading lamp
  15. Men with Scottish accents     scotland
  16. Baby kittens
  17. Stone cottages

    cottage2from “the Holiday

  18. Cherries from a roadside stand
  19. A backyard full of autumn leaves


  20. Thundery rainstorms
  21. Cheerios
  22. Snowed in with everyone home
  23. Gas prices right this second gas-prices
  24. The power of prayer
  25. Thatched roofs
  26. “Baby First Step”presents-020
  27. Indian corn
  28. Music boxes where you can see the insides
  29. Porch swings
  30. A sister   ward-campout-2008-9
  31. Baby kisses
  32. Pecan logs without cherries
  33. Pumpernickel bread with Swiss cheese    pumpernickel1
  34. The picture book, “The Relatives Came.”
  35. Old photos of total strangers
  36. Caramel apples
  37. Seabiscuit
  38. Metal crochet hooks with taped handlessnow-08-025
  39. Christmas lights in very tall trees
  40. Canopy beds with curtains
  41. PeeWee baby dollshoney-and-babies-020
  42. Football games
  43. Very old houses with very old trees
  44. Jack in the Box tacos
  45. Border’s gift cards
  46. Surfer hair

    sunshine Sunshine from “Remember the Titans”

  47. Crocheted dust ruffles
  48. Old buttons
  49. “Little Lost Baby”

  50. Lousia May Alcott books
  51. Beloved crazy people with New Year’s fireworks  new-years-eve-2009-015
  52. Being read to
  53. Flute music
  54. Beany my lovehoney-and-babies-030
  55. Vlasic Kosher Dill Spears

  56. Farm houses
  57. A Brother   lyndipictures2-122
  58. Embroidery scissors
  59. Rainbow Britehoney-and-babies-014
  60. The “Out of Africa” soundtrack
  61. Summerfest copy-of-summerfest-2008-101
  62. Peter Brinholt music
  63. Cable tights
  64. Light purple
  65. Cinnamon pinecones
  66. Mourning doves     dove-in-the-pine
  67. Creamers
  68. Rootbeer floats in grama’s backyard
  69. Christmas cards with photos inside
  70. Letters with foreign stamps


  71. Wind chimes
  72. Gift baskets with really cool stuff
  73. Jane Austen movies
  74. Wool Felt
  75. Kilts   andrew-j-237
  76. Pink malt balls
  77. Babies born gently
  78. Snapset pools
  79. Maxfield Parrish paintings
  80. Baby fingers and toes   honey-and-babies-035
  81. Cute boys with big feetdec-31-001
  82. Freeze dried ice cream
  83. Church steeples
  84. Old friends that come back
  85. Icicles  dec-24-2008-092
  86. Waterfalls
  87. Free range giraffeswild-giraffe
  88. Button up sweaters
  89. Goose Girl
  90. Twelfth Night
  91. Christmas Eve     christmas-eve
  92. Stuffing
  93. Kisses on the hand
  94. The Merriam-Webster Dictionary
  95. Pastry Blenders
  96. Little girls in dresses and tights


    by Eloise Wilkin

  97. Pink and purple petunias
  98. Ballet Slippers
  99. My sweet Mom

  100. My cute daddy


From Tracy: 101.  Working Dishwasher 102.  More than 1 car 103.  First Kisses 104.  Baby Smiles 105.  Thick Curtains From Susette: 106.  Letters from Missionary sons 107.  Music 108.  Flowers growing in the yard 109.  Fruit trees to pick from 110.  Eating sweet juicy fruit 111.  Having a quiet afternoon to myself 112.  Playing board games with friends or family 113.  Listening to people sing who have beautiful voices (something I’ll have in the next life) 114.  Reading friends blogs!! From Sue: 115.  Webcam so I can see and talk to my loved ones that are far away 116.  Phone calls from a 3 year old grandbaby to say “I love you Grams!” 117.  Text messages from my kids that say they love me and to have a blessed day! From Kathy: 118.  Mornings where your husband gets up and feeds the kids and dresses them without waking you up. 119.  Having money to pay for what you need and can do without the want. 120.  Soon to be 3 beautiful girls that love each other more than I did with my own siblings. From Jodi: 121. My beautiful baby Avery and her heart melting smile122. A new cell phone - gotta love modern technology 123. A car that does well in the snow 124. A mother who I talk to daily 125. My wonderful calling in YW and the amazing girls I get to associate with. From Tracy 126.  Healthy kids 127.  Fine tipped pens 128.  Working out 129.  Sees chocolates 130.  Time out From Susette 131.  ♥Sleeping in till 10:00 makes me happy. (cuz I don't get to very often-in fact rarely) 132.  ♥Leaving the Christmas tree up till way past the New Year 133.  ♥Flying on airplanes makes me giggle 134.  ♥Hot wassail on a cold Winter's night with a good book 135.  ♥Having about 4 hours to myself so I can scrapbook 136.  ♥Scented Body Lotions 12th-night-0171 137. The snow coming down as I type. Our state always needs more water. So it's a big deal to get all this new stuff. I just want to be snowed in at least once in my life. my-stuff-003 138. Pink lights on a canopy bed. It's very exotic and makes me feel particularly fancy somehow. Even if I'm just wearing a sweatshirt and jeans. new-years-eve-2009-003 139. A baby girl who loves her monkey. thanksgiving-projects-042 140. A baby boy who loves to laugh. december-22-2008-005 141. A baby "chomp" who could show up any day now. Maybe we'll wake up one of these mornings and Lyndi will have a sweet, warm bundle all cuddled up with her. I suppose, in real life we'll know when she decides that she's truly coming. But since Lyndi is having a home birth--it could be a surprise for us--any time now. hughes-etc-008 142. A well attended puzzle on a wintery day. hughes-etc-034 143. Dear friends in a beautiful place. hughes-etc-023 144. A beautiful place 12th-night-075 145. A pristine kitty z 145. A letter from a happy boy in a very cold, faraway land. From Lyndi 146. *sunshine that makes the snow sparkle 147. *rings 148. *hot chocolate or chocolate milk 149. *a camera full of happy memories 150. *sleeping baby all curled up like a snail 151. *The greenWinkle Etsy shop. 152. *My laptop that I thought might just be on its deathbed is out of rehab and working fabulously! 153. *Awesome brother-in-laws 154. *Rearranging my room in a way that just motivates me to do amazing things 155. *Graduating from college 156. *Getting an email that says my diploma is in the mail 157. *Knowing that there is another package coming for me from a friend in England 158. *Starting a new job 159. *Being in the Hill Cumorah Pageant cast 160. *Thinking about staying in New York for three weeks! 161. *Good friends 162. *Awesome music of sweetness on my iPod *Pink iPod speakers 163. *A pink folding chair that holds my pink water bottle 164. *Okay, the color pink ;) 165. *Watching others live their dreams 166. *Living my own dreams 167. *Snow that covers everything rather than just the grass 168. *JIF Peanut Butter (*sigh* we’ll meet again after the recall!) 169. *Reading good books 170. *Watching movies with my family 171. *Getting comments from good friends 172. *My nieces and nephew

dsc02613173.  Baby secrets


174.  Bags to cut up to make more...ahhh...bags.


175.  Random things popping out of the ground


176.  A box of new bows


177.  Shiney hubcaps!


178.  An evening cloud burst


179.  Huge, strong, gentle hands


180.  A cute new book to read


181.  Our mountains


182.  A new daddy

Kathy says: 183. Seeing a new daddy with their new baby always makes me smile and laugh. LyndiLou says: 184.  milk 185.  nilla wafers 186.  shoes 187. birds chirping in the morning 188. real letters in the mail 189.  thinking of walks when it’s warmer 190.  getting organized 191.  patterned paper 192.  frosted mini wheats 193.  50 cent pieces Shannon says: 194.  The smile that spreads on your kids faces in the morning 195. The funny things that come out of kids mouths 196.  Being happy with my life as is 197.  Splurging on something you never thought you would get 198. Watching the moon rise. Maddie says: 199. Viva paper towels Beverly says: 200. PitaPat the Tabby Cat Sheri says: 201. Pursuing your passion Jodi says: 202. My little Squishy’s squishy squishies! mia says: 203. The secret clubhouse my friends and i are building in a dried up old river, and even though we’re too old for it, imagination is the best thing ever! Susette says: 204.  A testimony of eternal families 205. Listening to the sounds of people enjoying themselves in the park 206. Staying connected with loved ones through facebook 207. Hearing a bass guitar being played 208. Hugs from people who love you when you're having a hard day 209. Dreams about loved ones you wish were here 210. The strength of a spouse 211. The scriptures 212. A 13 year old Sunday School class who makes me smile 213. Playing in the dirt so that someday a garden will grow Cynthia says: 214. Sunshine after days of rain 215. Tall cedar trees 216.  A cozy fire on a cold day 217. Loving eyes 218. Constancy 219. The word YES 220. Laughing children 221. The purr of a cat 222. A loving man who keeps gas in my car 223. A sweet, funny chocolate lab 224. Friends who are far away and close iin heart 225. A Dad who never stops caring 226. Kindness Morgana says: 227. Western Massachusetts (the Pioneer Valley and Hampshire College specifically) 228. Circus friends 229. My hat collection 230. Tea 231. Huge, long-lasting hugs 232. Stripes and polka-dots 233. Art supplies 234. Silent comedies 235. My good health 236. Giving the perfect gift 237. My very, very best friend 238. Endless possibilities Natalie says: 239. Living in Rhode Island 240. Colts Park at sunset 241. Del's Lemonaide on a hot day 242. Fireworks on a hot summers night 243. Meeting new friends 244. Thunderstorms 245. Candle light Bruce says: 246. Nature 247. Food 248. Family 249. Books 250. Meditating Dane says: 251. America 252. Freedom 253. Nieces and nephews Michele B. says: 254. Meeting a good friend unexpectedly at church, and a husband who is kind enough to ignore us sitting and giggling like schoolgirls through the meeting (except through her wonderful son’s wonderful talk, of course!) 255. A temporarily empty house, and knowing that all my family is where they are supposed to be, doing what they are supposed to be doing. 256. A great outdoor pool within walking distance 257. Children who are old enough to allow me to swim laps in said pool unencumbered 258. Children who aren’t embarrassed- or at least hide it well- to go to the pool with their mom 259. The ability to swim, and the calming effect that it has. 260. Dinner waiting in the slow cooker 261. A food storage room with the food to fill the slow cooker, as well as the wonderful family members 262. That will gather around my table to enjoy the meal. 263. A family that likes, for the most part, my cooking 264. A daughter that takes all her siblings, one at a time, to visit her in California, because she values them and wants to build eternal relationships 265. A husband who loves me, appreciates me, and calls me “sexy” as a nickname 266. Friends and family who don’t faint when my husband of 20 years calls me “sexy” in front of them 267. A chance to ponder my blessings Mary says: 268. Our “Drive Free Cars” account (I found the idea on Dave Ramsey’s website.) 269. Fall gardens... Lori says: 270. Receiving a postcard Lisa says: 271. Email jokes from my best friend from far away 272. A husband who loves me so much he finds it hard to say no to me! 273. A beautiful granddaughter to wake with hugs and kisses each morning, and a wonderful grandson to look forward to 274. Wonderful children who don’t mind lots of hugs 275. Our gorgeous, sunny Okanagan valley 276. A good, hot cup of tea at the end of a hard night at work 277. Sunsets and sunrises (I can never decide which I like best!) 278. A frozen storm rolling in from the north 279. Hot chocolate and grilled cheese sandwiches when the wind is howling outside 280. Having my whole family together for holiday meals Emily says: 281. A baby who sleeps through the night! 282. Children who are old enough to clean up after themselves. 283. A husband who puts his family first. Nikki says: 284. A Texas sunset 284. Giggles from my grandchildren 285. Letters or emails from my Marine 286. Sonic ice 287. The smell of babies out of the bath 288. Texts from my girls 289. Being blessed with 2 precious daughter-in-laws 290. Trout fishing with my husband on the river Jessica says: 291.  My decision to not sign the "Do Not Resuscitate" order 10 years ago. 292. The 10-year-old, 12-inch-long scar on my Sternum; which declares: "SHE SURVIVED". 293. Every moment with my only Son, every day since then, for the last 10 years. Kathy says: 294. New jobs 295. Laughter 296. Quiet mornings Shannon says: 297. The sweet words of “mama”. There are no better words in the English language. 298. The sweet smell of dew that lets you know that pretty soon, little bulbs will be poking their head out of the ground. WeeKnit says: 299. Raspberry butter on fresh hot rolls. 300. The ability to recall the words to the Hokey Pokey (even after laying dormant in my brain for years) so that I can easily join in with the kindergarteners. 301. My 3-year old, who despite her speech delays, spontaneously blurts that she loves mom. 302. My 6-year old birthday girl who proclaims that she is going to take her mommy to Hawaii with her birthday money. Jillian says: 303. A Mom who loves her children Lyndi says: 304. A little girl who can talk a LOT! 305. Gift cards waiting to be used 306. Menus to help me stay on track 307. Having the means to get everything on the shopping list and then some 308. Coupon, Discount and Deal-a-Day sites that help me get great deals on places and things I love 309. Family that are Friends 310. Friends that are Family 311. A Husband who works hard, takes good care of us and never complains about it. 312. Movies coming to the theater to look forward to. 313. The Sun making an appearance after a really snowy day. 314. A bag of Sour Patch Kids making their way down the row to me at the theater. 315. Nachos 316. Facebook 317. Getting organized 318. Newly hung shelves 319. Scrapbook pages 320. Pirates 321. Redbox 322. Just Dance 2 323. Mario, Princess Peach, Koopas, Boo, Chomp and the whole gang! Pattyann says: 324. For a husband who loves me, and lets me be myself 325. All my sweet children and for my beautiful grand-children. April says: 326. 3-year-old learning to play hide-and seek 327. Letter-writing opportunities 328. Successful business 329. New art paper 330. Hard-working husbands 331. A great blog by my mom :)

19 thoughts on “Gratitude

  1. I love this! It’s especially nice because I’ve been feeling so down lately, and it’s time that I do try and focus on the positive things.

    I’m sure there are more things. I’d kind of like the challenge myself to make a list of everything that makes me happy. Thanks for helping me see the bright side!



  2. I am thankful for the heart attack my husband had. He has changed his eating habits, exercising and is enjoying the small things again. He will be with us a long long, long time now!


  3. Hi Launi,
    I love your site! I’m sorry we lost touch through the years. Keep up the wonderful work spreading happiness around the Web. Drop a line if you get a chance!




  4. I also meant to tell you that I’m thankful for people like you who help us look at the positive side of life!


  5. P.S. You knew me with the last name of Moody. 🙂


    Launi Reply:

    Oh, I remember you–don’t worry! Very cool to have you here. :}


  6. Launi, that is inspiring! It makes me happy just reading all these beautiful, peaceful and lovely thoughts! I think it’s one of the best pages I’ve read recently. I hope, I can mantain these things in my mind and face the everyday’s problems with a strenghened heart. Many greetings from Switzerland and be blessed ❗


    Launi Reply:

    Thank you so much for your kind words–you have no idea how much they mean to me. This is one of my favorite pages on the blog as well. Reading what others are thankful for makes me so happy. How nice to hear that it works for others too. Thanks for sharing this with me. Sending my love all the way to Switzerland~


  7. When we thought we’d have to have surgery and were talking life flight–and then the test came back and things were okay–and we got to our new son home instead.


  8. I’m gonna do this on my blog! Thanks for the inspiration! I’ll leave a link back to your site since this is where I found the idea. Sooooo awesome!!!!! 😛


  9. I am happy because, #1 your spot had what I wanted when I needed was linked to the tutorial (10*)!BTW
    I made it perfectly, a first!
    And inspired me to do other things with the pattern ( soap holder)
    And then, I found all of this wonderful happy things on here. Thank you!
    You made me happy! 🙂 Grace Robin


  10. THank you!

    I was feeling particularly down today, as I will be having to give up our dog to be adopted due to different family changes out of my control.

    Then I stumbled on your post and it made me cry, a good reminder that I have soooooo much to be grateful for.

    Be blessed


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