Jillian’s Puppets and Jim Henson

Jillian’s gift to each of us this year was a hand made muppet-type puppet. She made us our favorite animal. Note that she made them out of shirts and sweats…

I’m telling you–the girl has a future with Gonzo’s people!


dec-24-2008-061April’s Polar Bear

dec-24-2008-065 My Beany

dec-24-2008-064Jacob’s Koala

dec-24-2008-070Lyndi’s Dinosaur–I think it looks like Nessie

dec-24-2008-094Rhen’s Viking–weren’t they animals?

Thank you Jillian–for such incredible gifts from your heart…

We love you.

5 Replies to “Jillian’s Puppets and Jim Henson”

  1. The babies love them? SWEET! I’m all about the interaction factor. That’s what I was going for since they are more grown up things… for now 😉

  2. Jill, I’m SO impressed! I had no idea you were so crafty! Just a “chip off the ol’ block” huh? My favorite one is Beanie…looks just like him! What a crack-up!

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