Christmas “Lists”

Searching around online at all the “stuff” there is to do, to see, to make, to buy, to have at Christmas time–can be a bit overwhelming. In fact, sometimes it feels like my brain’s going in 17 directions at once. A person can blow up that way.

There’s just so much. But sift through it–I did–and bookmarked everything that made me sigh or smile or slow down for a minute and think happy thoughts. The rest can just blow away.

Now, understand–all I can really show you are things that work for me–but that’s ok. People have been scooting closer to whisper good ideas in each others’ ears since before the flood.

I think it’s how we keep each other warm.


Pocket Advent This will make a simple “12 days of Christmas.”

Gifts in a Bottle About a hundred ways to pack joy in a jar.

Recycled Paper Ornaments This should keep little hands pretty busy.

Molly’s Star Ornaments If you love to play with wool felt–like me.

Salt Dough Ornaments Other food-ish ornaments as well.

Simple Christmas Simple, low cost Christmas Projects–just click past the ads.

Gift Tags from simple things

Felt Cookies I know, I know…again with the felt!

Christmas Cheat Sheets Print them out and take them shopping with you!

Cone Mixes They even have about a hundred recipes! (Click on “Choose Any Mix Recipes”)

So much fun stuff.

If you get a good idea from any of this–I hope you’ll share it with us.

Happy Birthday Daddy…

2 Replies to “Christmas “Lists””

  1. Happy Birthday Grandpa!!! ***:D*** I hope we’re making you smile down here!!!

    Now I suppose I should check out those links!

  2. The funeral today for Elder Wirthlin reminded me of a lot of things they said about Grampa. I miss him… Glad to be doing the gingerbread houses today though. That should be good.

    And I’m glad you put that Christmas tree on there. Makes me happy since we usually only see it once a year that way 🙂

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